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OpenAI Tackles AI "Laziness" with Latest Updates and Fixes

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OpenAI addresses GPT-4 Turbo's "laziness" issue with a potential fix in the gpt-4-0125-preview model, aiming to improve task completion, especially in code generation. The update also includes a new GPT-3.5 Turbo model with enhanced accuracy and reduced API costs.

Additional improvements include new embedding and moderation models, along with tools for managing API keys.

AI Anchors: Revolutionizing News or Undermining Trust?

Image Source: BBC

The rise of AI-generated news presenters offers faster, cheaper, and personalized news delivery. While companies like Channel 1 pioneer diverse AI anchors, questions arise regarding their capacity to forge genuine connections with audiences. Ethical and social concerns persist, emphasizing the delicate balance between innovation and maintaining journalistic credibility as AI-driven news continues to evolve.

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Googles Lumiere: A Novel AI Model for Video Synthesis

Lumiere, an AI model that can produce realistic and diverse videos from text or image inputs. Lumiere is a space-time diffusion model that generates videos in one pass, unlike most existing models that use a cascaded approach. Lumiere can create videos of up to five seconds, with various applications such as video editing, stylization, cinemagraphs, and inpainting.

Lumiere has shown superior performance in visual quality, motion coherence, and text alignment, surpassing other prominent text-to-video models.Some of the features of Lumiere are:

  • It can create videos from simple text prompts

Image Credit: Lumiere Github

  • It can animate the content of an image based on a user-provided region or a text prompt

Image Credit: Lumiere Github

  • It can use a single reference image to generate videos in the target style, such as made of wooden blocks, origami folded paper art, or watercolor painting.

Image Credit: Lumiere Github

  • It can fill in missing or damaged areas in a video clip

Image Credit: Lumiere Github

Google has not yet released Lumiere to the public, but you can watch some demos of the model on its website. [link]

Explore the AI Revolution with D-ID

From redefining marketing strategies with personalized video campaigns to revolutionizing online education with interactive AI instructors, D-ID is paving the way for a digitally transformative future.


We've got a fascinating line-up:

  • Marketing Mastery: Discover how D-ID and Canva are teaming up to offer multilingual, tailored marketing solutions.

  • Educational Evolution: Learn about D-ID's role in reshaping online learning experiences with advanced AI technology.

  • Entertainment Innovation: Get insights into how D-ID and Warner Bros. collaborated to create interactive movie experiences.

Dive deeper into these exciting developments and understand how D-ID is setting new benchmarks across various sectors in our latest blog post. Click here to read more and stay at the forefront of AI innovation!


AI-Enhanced Resumes: A Game Changer in the Job Market

In an illuminating study by MIT Sloan, it's been found that job seekers who polish their resumes with AI-driven algorithmic writing assistance are significantly more likely to be hired. Here's how AI is making an impact:

  • Candidates using AI for resume help saw a 7.8% higher chance of landing a job offer.

  • Those with algorithmically enhanced resumes earned wages 8.4% higher on average compared to others.

  • Spelling mistakes are the top deterrent for employers, with a 3% hiring chance for resumes with less than 90% correct spelling.

  • Surprisingly, employers showed a preference for "flowery language," indicating a nuanced approach to resume writing.

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