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5-step guide to creating an AI chatbot in MindStudio Youai.ai 

1. Sign up for a MindStudio account: Head to the Youai.ai website and create an account to access the MindStudio platform and its AI creation tools.

2. Choose a chatbot template: Select a pre-built chatbot template from MindStudio's collection to serve as a starting point for your chatbot's interactions and functionalities.

3. Customize the chatbot: Tailor the chatbot to your specific needs by adding new intents, responses, and entities. Intents define user intentions, responses are the chatbot's replies, and entities are specific information extracted from user utterances.

4. Train the chatbot: Provide MindStudio with the defined intents, responses, and entities to train your chatbot effectively in understanding and responding to user queries.

5. Deploy and share: Once you're satisfied with your chatbot's performance, deploy it and share it with others. MindStudio allows embedding your chatbot in websites, apps, or messaging platforms.

Check this AI PODBOT (trial version) below to answer queries on our Podcasts👇

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Talking 3D Avatar

Step 1. Generate an image for free using Leonardo.ai
Step 2. Upload the image, script for the Avatar, and customize on d-id. com and your talking 3D Avatar is ready!!

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