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  • 🐀Virtual Rats with AI Brains: Revolutionizing Movement and Disease Study

🐀Virtual Rats with AI Brains: Revolutionizing Movement and Disease Study

PLUS: Meet (AI) Your College Counselor

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Top AI News

The Flamingo Twist: Real Photo Wins AI Art Contest

In an unexpected twist, a real photograph of a flamingo won an AI art contest. Photographer Miles Astray submitted the image, titled “F L A M I N G O N E,” which appears to show a headless flamingo. Despite being disqualified later for not meeting the requirements of the AI-generated image category, it sparked a conversation about the intersection of human-made content and AI-generated art.

Source: instagram@milesastray

Key Points:

  • The photo, of a flamingo at an odd angle, appears headless but is very real.

  • Astray aimed to highlight the limitations of AI and the beauty of nature.

  • The incident sparks discussions on the growing presence of AI-generated art.

  • Is AI replicating reality or creating new artistic frontiers?

Unlock Commercially-Safe AI Image Generation: Picsart Partners with Getty Images

Picsart has teamed up with Getty Images to launch a groundbreaking AI image generator, providing responsible and commercially-safe imagery for creators, marketers, and small businesses. This custom model, built from scratch by Picsart's AI lab, will be trained exclusively on Getty Images' licensed content, ensuring full commercial rights for users.

Source: picsart.com

Key Highlights:

  • Picsart’s AI lab is building a custom model from scratch, ensuring full commercial rights for generated images.

  • The AI image generator will be accessible through Picsart’s API services.

  • The collaboration mirrors Adobe’s Firefly AI model, which also focuses on commercial safety and stock image training.

  • Getty has a history of working on AI products, having partnered with Bria AI, Runway, and Nvidia.

AI Agent Jace Automates Web Tasks with Simple Chat Commands

A team of ex-Meta engineers has launched Jace, an AI agent by Zeta Labs. Jace interacts with users via chat to automate web tasks, from booking flights to creating LinkedIn recruitment pipelines. Currently in development, Zeta Labs is working with design partners to refine Jace for wider release.

Image created with Meta AI

Key Highlights:

  • Chat-based Interface: Jace simplifies user interaction through a chat interface, removing the need to navigate complex websites.

  • Task Automation: Users can instruct Jace to complete various web-based tasks, from simple actions to intricate workflows.

  • Potential Applications: Jace shows promise in automating repetitive tasks across diverse industries, potentially streamlining processes like recruiting or e-commerce.

  • Development Stage: Jace is currently under development, but Zeta Labs is actively working towards its refinement and launch.

Meet (AI) Your College Counselor

CollegeVine has introduced Ivy, an AI-powered counselor designed to help high school students navigate the college admissions process. Ivy assists with building school lists, exploring majors, preparing for SAT/ACT, writing essays, and finding scholarships. The AI recruiter, launched in early 2024, nurtures prospective students through personalized emails and texts, helping colleges diversify and attract a broader range of applicants.

Image created with DALL-E 3

Key Highlights:

  • Personalized Guidance: Ivy provides tailored support for college admissions, from school selection to essay writing.

  • AI Recruiter: Engages prospective students with personalized communication, enhancing recruitment efforts.

  • Diversity Focus: Aims to diversify student bodies by supporting underrepresented and first-generation students.

  • Future Expansion: Plans to help complete applications, schedule campus visits, and set up financial aid interviews.

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Do It Yourself (DIY) with AI

Tired of generating and posting AI generated content that lacks soul and is drab?

Generate plagiarism-free, human-like AI content in just 3 steps with this tool.

  • Step 1: Generate your content using ChatGPT

  • Step 2: Go to HIX.AI and paste your content

  • Step 3: Select your mode and click on humanize, and you’re done! You’ll get a new copy with humanized content

    Here’s the AI detection comparison, we used Quillbot.ai for comparing, notice that even though it was “humanized” there’s a 47% chance that the text is AI generated, so we have a simple hack for it!

Original Content

After humanizing

Pro tip: Just input the humanized content again through HIX AI, we did that and this was the result!

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AI in Healthcare

Harvard and Google DeepMind Create Virtual Rat with Artificial Brain

Researchers from Harvard University and Google DeepMind have developed a virtual rat model with an artificial brain that mimics the natural movements of real rats. This innovation aims to enhance our understanding of how brains control movement, leveraging advanced physics simulations and machine learning.

Source: harvard.edu

  • Biomechanically realistic digital rat model created

  • High-resolution data from real rats used

  • AI neural network accurately predicts real neural activity

  • Potential applications in studying neural circuits and robotic control systems

What it means: This groundbreaking research opens new avenues in virtual neuroscience, providing a powerful tool to study brain functions and disorders, and improving the design of advanced robotic systems.

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AI Events

  • JUNE 17-21,2024

  • SEATTLE, Washington

This conference unites researchers, academics, and industry professionals to discuss advancements in computer vision, pattern recognition, and AI. It features the main conference, workshops on significant challenges and next-gen AI technologies, and short courses.

  • JUNE 19-20, 2024


AI_dev offers a unique opportunity to engage with industry leaders and experts. With speakers from Hugging Face, Meta, Mistral AI, PyTorch, AWS, and Stability AI, the summit covers diverse tracks including Ethical AI Practices, AI Systems & Performance, and AI Research & Methodologies.

  • AUGUST 12-14, 2024


The AI4 conference unites industry leaders to explore AI advancements, focusing on commercial applications and best practices for business integration. It offers content for both technical and business audiences, including sessions on responsible AI, policy, and human-machine collaboration.

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