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Figure 01's Leap into Conversational AI

Source: figure.ai

Source: figure.ai

The partnership between OpenAI and Figure 01 team has yielded extraordinary progress in just two weeks, transforming Figure 01 into a conversational marvel capable of deep, meaningful interactions. By leveraging OpenAI's cutting-edge neural networks, Figure 01 has embarked on a journey of unparalleled AI and robotic learning.

Here's a glimpse of what this groundbreaking collaboration has achieved:

  • Figure 01 can now fully articulate its visual experiences, plan ahead with common sense reasoning, and engage in rich conversations reflecting its memory and thought processes.

  • Thanks to a large vision-language model (VLM) trained by OpenAI, Figure 01 interprets and responds to both images and text, seamlessly merging visual data with conversational history for intelligent dialogues.

  • The robot's actions are driven by neural network visuomotor transformer policies, enabling precise bimanual manipulation based on real-time visual input, all learned autonomously without teleoperation.

For more details on Figure, read the blog here.

AI Action Plan

A US-funded report warns about the dangers of rapidly evolving AI, comparing it to the Cold War's nuclear arms race. It calls for immediate government action to prevent weaponized or uncontrollable AI systems from compromising global security.

Image created with DALL·E 3

Key Takeaways:

  • The report emphasizes the necessity of establishing interim safeguards for advanced AI, proposing these measures evolve into formal legislation and international agreements.

  • It suggests imposing restrictions on AI computing power, requiring governmental approval for deploying new, powerful AI models, and possibly banning open-source licensing of such models to prevent widespread access to potentially dangerous technologies.

  • Tightening control over the manufacture and export of AI chips is also recommended to curb the proliferation of advanced AI capabilities.

Meet Devin: The AI Software Engineer

In an era of innovation, Cognition's creation of Devin is a groundbreaking advancement in artificial intelligence. Devin, the world's first AI software engineer, is a testament to the future of software development. Designed to augment human engineers, Devin excels in coding, web development, and software creation, displaying unmatched efficiency and versatility.

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By handling routine tasks, It enables engineers to focus on complex and innovative aspects of software development. With successful interviews at top AI companies and completed jobs on platforms like Upwork, Devin proves its practical effectiveness and reliability.


NB-AI Revolutionizes Live Game Viewing for Fans

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The NBA has unveiled the groundbreaking NB-AI generative tool, set to transform how fans experience live games. Powered by advanced machine learning algorithms, this tool analyzes real-time data and generates customized graphics, animations, and other visual elements. Fans can expect an immersive and innovative viewing experience like never before.

Game-Changer: AI HOCKEY

Image created with DALL·E 3

Researchers at the University of Waterloo are using AI to transform hockey game analysis. This technology, developed with Stathletes, uses deep learning to automate video analysis, revolutionizing team sports analytics. The implications for the sports industry are huge, from player scouting to team strategies.


This GPT revolutionizes hockey analytics and training, merging AI with human expertise to enhance performance and strategy. It provides personalized insights and simulations, supporting decision-making in the sport.

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Dressing with Dexterity: The Dual-Arm Robot Care

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Scientists at the University of York have developed a two-armed robot that mimics the movements of human care-workers during the dressing process. This groundbreaking innovation aims to enhance assistive care, improve comfort and dignity for individuals needing assistance, and redefine the role of care-workers to prioritize emotional and mental well-being.

Here are some key highlights:

  • Dual-Arm Dynamics for Gentle Assistance: Unlike its one-armed predecessors, this robot uses two arms to mimic human-like movements, providing a more natural and comfortable dressing experience for individuals with disabilities or the elderly.

  • Learning from Human Grace: Employing a "learning from demonstration" approach, the robot observes and replicates the nuanced movements of care-workers, ensuring a gentle and efficient dressing process.

  • Safety and Trust in Technology: Advanced algorithms enable the robot to adjust or halt movements based on a human's gentle touch, fostering a safe environment and building trust between the robot and its users.

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