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Google’s Transformer Revolution

In a serendipitous encounter, eight brilliant minds at Google converged on an idea that would redefine the landscape of artificial intelligence. Their groundbreaking work culminated in the “Transformers” paper, a pivotal moment in tech history.

  1. These visionaries birthed the Transformer architecture, revolutionizing AI’s ability to comprehend and generate human-like text.

  2. Initially focused on enhancing machine translation, these employees inadvertently sparked a revolution across multiple AI domains.

  3. Through intense trial and error, they crafted minimalist components that would shape the future of AI

Microsoft's Masterstroke

Microsoft Corp appoints Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of Google’s DeepMind, as head of its consumer AI business. This move, involving the acquisition of most staff from Suleyman's Inflection AI, highlights Microsoft's ambition to outpace Google in the AI market.

  • Suleyman’s role involves spearheading projects that integrate AI Copilot into Windows and enhance Bing with conversational AI, centralizing Microsoft’s consumer AI efforts.

  • The hiring signifies Microsoft’s intent to bolster its AI capabilities, further supported by investments in AI startups like Mistral AI, ensuring a diversified and robust AI product portfolio.

  • Despite fierce competition, the transition promotes a collaborative ecosystem with OpenAI, indicating a future where Microsoft’s AI initiatives thrive on both in-house and external partnerships.

Stanhope AI's Breakthrough in Autonomous Drone Technology

UK startup Stanhope AI is revolutionizing artificial intelligence with autonomous drones inspired by the human brain. Unlike traditional AI, Stanhope AI's models learn and adapt through interaction with their environment, using "active inference" and the Free Energy Theory to predict and navigate with exceptional efficiency.

  • Mimicking the hierarchical structure of the human brain for efficient, predictive learning without the need for vast training datasets.

  • Equipped with sensors like cameras and LiDAR, these drones independently learn from their surroundings, making informed decisions in real-time.

  • Aimed at revolutionizing delivery and surveillance, Stanhope AI's technology is being tested by prominent partners, signaling a new era of "agentic AI" in robotics and AI development.

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Generate similar images you saw elsewhere -Synthesys X & Replicate

Saw an image somewhere and wanted a similar image? With Synthesys X AI chrome extension you can revisualize any image with just one click

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  • Search for any image on google or any other site, it can be social media too.

  • Right click on the image and click on “Revisualize this image”. Wait a few minutes and you’re done! The tool will generate similar looking images in a minute

It’s possible you have a favorite AI image generator and want to use that. This is how you generate a prompt for that purpose using Replicate AI. Visit the site and just enter the image and click “Run”, it will generate a prompt that you can use in other AI image generators.

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Google’s VideoPoet is a cutting-edge tool that offers a suite of features for dynamic video creation.

Here’s an overview of its capabilities:

Source: VideoPoet- Google Research

  1. Text-to-Video Generation: With VideoPoet, users can create videos that are rich in motion and vary in length, all initiated from a simple text prompt.

  2. Image-to-Video Conversion: The platform is adept at turning static images into engaging video content.

  3. Video Stylization Options: VideoPoet provides users with the ability to apply a range of styles to their videos, adding a unique flair to each creation.

  4. Advanced Video Editing: The tool includes features for inpainting and outpainting, allowing users to seamlessly edit their videos by filling in gaps or expanding the frame.

  5. Audio Synchronization: VideoPoet stands out with its ability to generate audio that is perfectly in sync with the video content, requiring no additional text input for guidance.

These features collectively make VideoPoet a robust tool for creators looking to elevate their video projects. For a more in-depth look, check out our full article on this topic.

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TRAIN: Steering AI Towards Safer Healthcare Horizons

The Trustworthy & Responsible AI Network (TRAIN) has been inaugurated to ensure the safe and ethical integration of AI in medicine. Here’s a snapshot of its mission:

  • TRAIN is committed to crafting comprehensive safety guidelines for AI in healthcare, leveraging the collective expertise of industry leaders.

  • The initiative seeks to standardize AI integration, ensuring consistent and safe deployment across healthcare systems.

Salesforce Unveils Game-Changing Healthcare AI at HIMSS

At the HIMSS conference, Salesforce unveiled innovative AI tools aimed at revolutionizing healthcare interactions and efficiency. With a robust focus on healthcare, Salesforce introduced the Einstein Copilot Health Actions and the Assessment Generation program, enhancing the patient care journey from scheduling to treatment coordination.

  • A conversational AI assistant enabling clinicians to streamline patient interactions, including referrals and appointment bookings.

  • Standardizes and digitizes health assessments, seamlessly integrating with Salesforce’s cloud, available this summer.

  • Leverages Salesforce's CRM platform for a unique approach to patient care coordination, setting Salesforce apart from competitors like Google and Microsoft.


NVIDIA Healthcare's Leap into Generative AI Microservices

NVIDIA has unveiled a groundbreaking collection of generative AI microservices, setting a new standard in healthcare innovation. With the launch of over two dozen microservices, NVIDIA is offering healthcare enterprises unparalleled access to advanced AI tools for drug discovery, MedTech, and digital health enhancement.

  • The NVIDIA healthcare microservices, including the NVIDIA NIM™ AI models and CUDA-X™ microservices, offer comprehensive solutions for biology, chemistry, imaging, and healthcare data analysis.

  • These microservices streamline drug discovery, medical imaging, and genomics analysis, showcasing NVIDIA's commitment to accelerating healthcare transformations with AI.

  • Accessible from any cloud and compatible with a variety of NVIDIA-Certified Systems™, these tools promise versatility and global reach for healthcare solutions.

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Upcoming AI Events in Healthcare

The Molecular & Precision Med Tri-Con is a premier event that has been driving innovation in diagnostics and precision medicine for over 30 years. Scheduled for March 26-27, 2024, the conference will cover a range of topics including AI in precision medicine, liquid biopsy, and spatial biology

Join WIB-Seattle Events on March 27th, 2024, for a special event featuring four inspiring speakers who will share their insights on AI and Healthcare. This event is hosted by GirlUp Entrepreneurs and Women in BIO, with sponsorship from Sage Bionetworks.


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