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Happy Tuesday! We couldn't be more thrilled to share with you some awesome AI updates that are bound to make your week extra special. Let’s jump right in and see what’s cooking!

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The AI rat race is picking up!

This Smart Backpack is Every Student's New AI BFF This School Year.


  • ChatGPT Glossary: 41 AI terms that everyone should know. Read now

  • Alphabet Is Unleashing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make things easier for advertisers. Read here

  • Google's Generative AI tools now turn text into online worlds. See how

  • Baidu's chatbot Ernie reportedly says a Chinese military takeover of Taiwan is possible. Read here


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Former Google Brain researchers launched Ideogram, an AI image startup, with $16.5M in funding. Their tech generates crisp, readable text directly within images - solving the blurry logo problem plaguing other AI generators. With top backers on board, Ideogram is poised to disrupt the space with its next-level in-image text creation skills.

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Anything-ai is a generative photo editing tool that accepts an image, creates object masks based on where you click, and then takes in a prompt to generate content and magically fill that masked place with anything you want.



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  • Generate AI Content: Monetizing content is a popular way to make money online. AI-based tools can make your brainstorming, research, and drafting processes more efficient. For example, solutions like Jasper can generate content for various formats, including a blog post, an Instagram caption, or a YouTube script.

  • AI-Powered Content Website: Niche sites are having a resurgence. AI tools like ChatGPT make it easy to quickly generate loads of informational content.

  • Copywriter for Hire: Professional copywriters can command rates of $250 an hour or more. These are the people who write sales copy for advertisements, email campaigns, and product descriptions.

  • Coloring Books: Midjourney is an AI art generation service that launched in mid-2022.

  • Create and Market AI-Powered Products: You can create and market products that use AI technology to provide unique and valuable services to customers.

  • Provide AI Integration Service: You can offer services to help businesses integrate AI technology into their operations.

  • Offer AI Consulting Services: You can offer consulting services to help businesses understand and implement AI technology in their operations.

  • Invest in AI-Focused Businesses or Funds: You can invest in businesses or funds that focus on developing and implementing AI technology.