Siri Gets Smarter, Apple Goes to Mars (Almost), and More!

PLUS: What's Behind the Surge in Tech Veteran Poaching?

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Top AI News

Siri Gets a Brain Boost & Your iPhone Can Text From Mars: Apple's WWDC 2024 Highlights

Apple's WWDC 2024 keynote was packed with exciting announcements, highlighting a focus on artificial intelligence and user experience improvements.


Apple Intelligence takes center stage, personalizing experiences and enhancing security with machine learning. Siri gets a major boost with the integration of OpenAI's ChatGPT, making it more conversational and user-friendly.

iOS 18 brings a redesigned home screen, improved privacy settings, and advanced AI features for a more intuitive experience. MacOS Sequoia boasts a sleek new design and enhanced performance alongside iPhone mirroring functionality.

Beyond these key updates, Apple introduced a new Passwords app for managing login credentials and Smart Script for improving handwriting recognition in Notes. iPad users rejoice as the long-awaited calculator app finally arrives with additional features. Additionally, Apple Pay gains tap-to-pay functionality and Apple TV+ introduces InSight, a feature similar to Amazon's X-Ray technology. The ability to send messages via satellite on iPhones with no signal was also teased.

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AI Industry Poaches Tech Veterans: B2C Expertise Takes Center Stage

The AI industry is abuzz with high-profile executive hires, with both OpenAI and Anthropic recruiting veterans known for their B2C (business-to-consumer) experience. This shift in focus could signal a growing emphasis on user-facing AI applications.

Image created with DALL-E 3

OpenAI Ups Its B2C Game:

  • Sarah Friar, former CEO of NextDoor, joins OpenAI as their Chief Financial Officer (CFO). NextDoor is a social networking platform heavily reliant on AI for neighborhood recommendations and personalized feeds.

  • Kevin Weil, previously leading product at Twitter and Instagram, assumes the role of Chief Product Officer (CPO) at OpenAI. Both platforms are known for their extensive use of AI for content curation and user engagement.

Anthropic Focuses on User Experience:

  • Krishna Rao, with experience at Airbnb, Cedar, and Fanatics Commerce, joins Anthropic as CFO.

  • Mike Krieger, co-founder and former CTO of Instagram, joins Anthropic as CPO. Both companies rely heavily on AI for personalized recommendations and user experience optimization.

These strategic hires suggest a potential shift in focus for these leading AI companies. While core research and development remain crucial, a growing emphasis on user-facing applications and B2C expertise seems to be emerging.

Musk Threatens Apple Device Ban Over OpenAI Partnership: Security Concerns or Power Play?

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, ignited controversy with his response to Apple's partnership with OpenAI. He threatened to ban Apple devices at his companies "if Apple integrates OpenAI at the OS level," citing security concerns.

While OpenAI assures "requests are not stored," Musk remains unconvinced and might enforce device checks for visitors. But is this a genuine security concern, or a strategic move?

Some speculate it might be a power play, considering Musk's own involvement with xAI, another AI research company.

The situation raises questions about the balance between security and user experience in integrating AI with everyday devices. Will this incident lead to stricter device checks across companies, or is it an isolated case? Only time will tell.


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AI in Healthcare

10BedICU and OpenAI Transform India’s Critical Care

10BedICU, in collaboration with OpenAI, is revolutionizing India’s critical care infrastructure by integrating AI tools to enhance healthcare delivery. Founded by Srikanth Nadhamuni, 10BedICU partners with the government to equip hospitals with advanced medical technology and telehealth platforms.


Key Initiatives:

  • CARE Scribe: Transcribes doctor-patient interactions into EMRs, supporting multiple languages and improving data accuracy.

  • CARE Device Connect: Integrates data from older hospital monitors for continuous patient monitoring.

  • CARE Discharge Summary: Automates patient record summaries, saving significant time for healthcare providers.

These AI-driven tools are enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality, especially in underserved communities.

AI Streamlines Paperwork for Healthcare: DoorSpace to the Rescue

Doctors bogged down by paperwork? DoorSpace, an insurtech company, offers an AI-powered OCR solution or optical character recognition , to automate data entry for credentials. This boosts efficiency and accuracy, reducing errors to less than one percent. With securely stored information, DoorSpace allows physicians to focus on their patients.


DoorSpace's commitment to improving healthcare operations extends beyond its technology. Recognizing the challenges faced by rural healthcare organizations, particularly high staff turnover, DoorSpace recently secured $2 million in seed funding. This funding will allow them to expand their reach and provide much-needed support to these underserved communities.

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