Self-Driving Cars Win Big! NVIDIA's AI Takes the Wheel

PLUS: AI Cuts Cancer Treatment Wait Times by 80%

AI in Healthcare

Needle-Moving AI Research Trains Surgical Robots in Simulation

A collaboration between NVIDIA and top academic institutions has developed ORBIT-Surgical, a simulation framework using NVIDIA Isaac Sim and Omniverse to train surgical robots. This system supports over a dozen laparoscopic maneuvers, enhancing precision and reducing surgeons' cognitive load.


AI Cuts Cancer Treatment Wait Times by 80%! How This Doctor's Assistant Saves Lives

Color Health is using OpenAI's GPT-4o language model to develop a new application to improve cancer care. This copilot application helps doctors create personalized treatment plans for patients by analyzing medical data and identifying missing diagnostics.


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Big News

The International Olympic Committee Uses AI to Protect Athletes from Online Abuse at Paris Olympics

Tensions are high for the Paris Olympics, with athletes facing challenges both on and off the field. Amid global political clashes and conflicts, the International Olympic Committee is taking steps to protect athletes from a surge of online abuse.

Image created with DALL-E 3

The IOC is preparing for a massive influx of social media posts related to the Olympics—about 500 million. “If someone were to take only one second to read each post it would take them 16 years to go through," said IOC President Thomas Bach. Clearly, human moderators can’t handle this volume.

To address this,

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: The IOC will use an AI tool to monitor and delete abusive posts in over 35 languages.

  • Extensive Protection: This tool aims to protect 15,000 athletes and officials from online harassment.

  • Groundbreaking Implementation: It's the first time AI will be used on such a large scale to safeguard athletes..

Olympic organizers deem these measures crucial. As the Olympics near, balancing security and privacy will be key. The IOC's use of AI to protect athletes is a significant step in enhancing safety at major events.

AI Research

NVIDIA Showcases Groundbreaking AI Research, Wins Autonomous Grand Challenge, and Advances Physical AI at CVPR 2024

NVIDIA is at the forefront of visual generative AI, presenting over 50 papers at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) conference in Seattle, June 17-21. Their innovations span various applications, including creative industries, autonomous vehicle development, healthcare, and robotics.

  • JeDi: A new technique allowing quick personalization of diffusion models using reference images, vastly outperforming existing methods.

  • FoundationPose: A model for object pose estimation and tracking that works without fine-tuning, ideal for industrial and augmented reality applications.

  • NeRFDeformer: Transforms existing NeRFs using a single RGB-D image, simplifying the process of rendering 3D scenes.

  • VILA: An open-source visual language model that excels in understanding and reasoning across multiple images, developed in collaboration with MIT.

NVIDIA's research leads in innovation, driving progress in practical applications and theory. Winning the Autonomous Grand Challenge at CVPR 2024 with its Hydra-MDP model, NVIDIA outperformed over 400 entries and received the Innovation Award, underscoring generative AI's role in autonomous vehicle development.

In another significant contribution, NVIDIA provided the largest indoor synthetic dataset for the AI City Challenge at CVPR. Over 700 teams from nearly 50 countries used these datasets, generated with NVIDIA Omniverse, to develop AI models for improving efficiency in retail, warehouses, and intelligent traffic systems.

Learn about Nvidia research here

AI Innovation

Google DeepMind's Technology Brings Silent Videos to Life

Google DeepMind published new advancements in video-to-audio (V2A) technology, enabling synchronized audiovisual generation. V2A combines video pixels with natural language prompts to create rich soundscapes, enhancing visuals. It pairs with video models like Veo to generate scores, sound effects, and dialogue.


Key Features:

  • Synchronized Soundtracks: Generates audio that perfectly matches on-screen action.

  • Creative Flexibility: Use positive and negative prompts to guide the audio output.

  • Diverse Applications: Ideal for traditional footage, archival material, silent films, and more.

  • Scalable AI Architecture: Utilizes diffusion-based approaches for realistic and compelling audio.

How It Works:The V2A system compresses video input and uses a diffusion model to refine audio from random noise, guided by visual input and natural language prompts. It generates synchronized, realistic audio aligned with the video.

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AI in Creativity

Runway's Gen-3 Alpha: The Game-Changing AI Video Generator Everyone's Buzzing About

Runway introduces Gen-3 Alpha, a high-fidelity, controllable video generation model that improves on Gen-2 with better fidelity, consistency, and motion. It enhances Runway's Text to Video, Image to Video, and Text to Image tools, and supports features like Motion Brush, Advanced Camera Controls, and Director Mode.

Prompt: A middle-aged sad bald man becomes happy as a wig of curly hair and sunglasses fall suddenly on his head. Source:

Key Features:

  • Fine-Grained Temporal Control: Enables imaginative transitions and precise key-framing with temporally dense captions.

  • Photorealistic Humans: Generates expressive human characters with diverse actions, gestures, and emotions for richer storytelling.

  • Artist Collaboration: Developed by a team of research scientists, engineers, and artists, interpreting a wide range of styles and cinematic terminology.

  • Industry Customization: Partners with leading entertainment and media organizations to create custom versions tailored to specific artistic and narrative requirements.

How It Works: Gen-3 Alpha is trained jointly on videos and images, utilizing highly descriptive captions for temporal control and advanced visual moderation for content safety. For companies interested in custom models, reach out using the custom model inquiry form.

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