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Amp up your email marketing with the power of AI

Explore 5 key applications of AI in email marketing and how to prepare!

1. Optimize Send Times with AI

AI Tools like Boomerang and Mailchimp's Send Time Optimization allow you to analyze historical email engagement data and determine the best time to reach each subscriber. Send emails when open and click-through rates are highest for each contact. 

  • Predictive send time optimization based on open and click rates.

  • Dynamic send time adjustment for recurring campaigns.

  • A/B testing for send times segmented by location.

  • Send time suggestions based on industry benchmarks.

2. Segment and personalize with AI

Powerful AI-driven tools like Customer.io and Sailthru use data to automatically divide contacts into segments. You can then customize content for each group based on preferences and behaviors. Create more relevant, engaging emails.

  • Automatic segmentation based on user behaviors.

  • Dynamic content blocks for personalized messaging.

  • Predictive personalization with machine learning

  • Real-time recommendations for on-site users

3. Product Recommendations Driven by AI

Integrate ecommerce platforms with email services to deliver product recommendations tailored to each subscriber. AI Tools like Nosto and Personyze leverage user data and predictive algorithms to suggest relevant products.

  • Individual product recommendations based on user data.

  • Contextual recommendations aligned to on-site behavior.

  • Predictive algorithms powered by AI and machine learning.

  • Real-time optimization of product recommendations

4. Prep Your Program for AI

Clean your data, organize contacts, and implement dynamic templates to maximize AI potential. AI - powered services like Retention Science and SendX automate data organization and template building.

  • Automated list hygiene to remove inactive subscribers.

  • Intelligent contact profiling and list segmentation.

  • AI-powered dynamic content blocks for emails.

  • Automated template generation based on campaign goals.

5. Maximize AI Potential

Look for services that allow custom fields and data imports. AI tools like Acoustic's AI Marketing Orchestration and Phrasee's AI-Powered Copywriting can help continuously feed historical campaign data to improve email marketing.

  • Ingests behavioral data to tailor content across channels.

  • Integrates with APIs and databases.

  • Continuously optimizes language based on past performance data.

  • Easily customizable.


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