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Score Big with Google's Football TacticAI

Google and Liverpool FC have partnered on TacticAI, an AI system transforming football strategy. Detailed in Nature Communications, it uses geometric deep learning to provide tactical insights for corner kicks that experts prefer 90% over traditional tactics. A game-changer for sports analytics.

TacticAI is a full AI system with combined predictive and generative models to analyze what happened in previous plays and how to to make adjustments towards making a particular outcome more likely according to Google DeepMind.




  • Google's TacticAI, developed in partnership with Liverpool FC, provides unparalleled tactical advice for corner kicks.

  • Utilizes geometric deep learning for predictive and generative insights, revolutionizing football strategy planning.

  • Garners 90% preference from football experts over existing tactical setups, demonstrating its potential to transform the sport.

Amazon’s $4 Billion Bet on Secretive Startup Anthropic AI

Amazon has made a massive investment in Anthropic, a San Francisco-based AI startup, pouring a total of $4 billion into the company. This marks Amazon's largest outside venture funding ever.

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  • The collaboration aims to bring cutting-edge generative AI technology to customers worldwide.

  • Anthropic's AI chatbot Claude rivals similar AI models from OpenAI and ChatGPT.

  • Anthropic utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its main cloud provider for crucial tasks like safety research and future AI development.

  • This partnership leverages Amazon's powerful AWS chips to build, train, and deploy future AI models by Anthropic.


Dream It, See It: Adobe Firefly Makes AI Art Creation a Breeze

Imagine describing your dream vacation photo: a majestic castle on a cliff overlooking a turquoise ocean. But crafting the perfect prompt to get the AI to understand your vision can be tricky.

Here's where Adobe Firefly comes in with its new "Structure Reference" feature! Think of it as a magic paintbrush for AI art. You can use any existing image as a template, letting the AI capture its overall layout. Then, you describe the details you want and Firefly paints your vision to life!

But that's not all! Combine this with Firefly's "Style Reference" feature, and you can even add a specific artistic style to your creation.

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Beyond the Headlines

AI Learns to Think Before It Speaks

Scientists have made a leap forward in AI with a technique called "Quiet-STaR." ,Quiet-STaR — an extension of the Self-Taught Reasoner (STaR) model.This innovative approach gives AI a kind of inner monologue, allowing it to consider different options before giving an answer.

This technique trains the AI to generate multiple potential responses to a prompt or question. It then uses internal reasoning to evaluate these responses and select the one that best aligns with the prompt and the AI's understanding of the world.

Benefits of Quiet-STaR:

  • Improved Reasoning: By considering multiple options, AI can make more logical and well-founded decisions.

  • Better Performance: Studies show Quiet-STaR leads to significant improvements in AI performance, particularly in reasoning tasks.

  • More Human-Like Thinking: This method mimics a human-like thought process, potentially leading to a new generation of AI that reasons and solves problems more effectively.

AI Learns Languages in Games

Researchers at Google DeepMind created an AI agent named Scalable Instructable Multiworld Agent (SIMA) that can follow instructions in various video games. SIMA is trained on multiple games and uses natural language instructions to complete tasks. Unlike other AI that requires game-specific coding, SIMA only needs the game's visuals and simple instructions.


Key takeaways:

  • SIMA is a versatile AI agent trained on multiple video games.

  • It understands natural language instructions and completes tasks within the game.

  • SIMA doesn't require game-specific coding, just visuals and instructions.

  • This research is a stepping stone for real-world AI assistants.

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