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Everything That Happened In the World of AI This Week:

OpenAI’s just unveiled something major (this changes everything)

They're launching GPTs, tailor-made versions of ChatGPT for specific tasks. Imagine a GPT fine-tuned with data from viral tweets, ready to create more of the same. And here's a twist: you can craft a GPT for just about anything. As if that's not thrilling enough, they're also building a GPT store. You can make your GPT available for others to use and - wait for it - earn from it. Sounds like a great passive income source, right?

But here’s the kicker: making your own GPT is as easy as pie. No coding skills needed. OpenAI is rolling out its own GPT Builder, and you can use it by simply talking to it.

To help get your creative juices flowing, here are a couple of GPT ideas:

1. Sales and Website Optimizer GPT to amp up online sales.

2. A Social Media Ad Magic Creator GPT to create tailored social media ads.

Remember, the key to a successful GPT is in the training data. The more specialized your data, the more powerful your GPT will be. Get pumped, folks!

Start collecting specialized data now and make bank with your own GPT on the OpenAI store. And if you're wondering about more GPT capabilities, stay tuned.

Try the GPT’s at chat.openai.com/create

 We will delve deeper into it in the upcoming newsletters.


Turn your doodles into animated masterpieces with DALL·E 3

Prompt:"Generate a science fiction scene from this scribble, including the objects present. The girl should be reimagined as a futuristic character, with the lamps turned into alien technology, against a backdrop of outer space or a spaceship interior."
Prompt: "Create a digital art illustration from this scribble, maintaining the objects present. The image should feature a young girl with a modern outfit, vibrant colors, and bold lines, with a background that complements the character."

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