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Last chance to invest before this company becomes a household name

What if you had the opportunity to invest in the biggest electronics products before they launched into big box retail, would you?

Through retail distribution deals with Best Buy, Ring changed doorbells and Nest changed thermostats. Early investors in these companies earned massive returns, but the opportunity to invest was limited to a select, wealthy few.

The game has changed, and for once investors have the option to invest in a company that’s gearing up for a massive retail rollout.

RYSE is set to debut in 100+ Best Buy stores this month, and you're in luck—you can still invest at only $1.25/share before their name becomes known nationwide.

They have patented the only mass market shade automation device, and their exclusive deal with Best Buy resembles that which led Ring and Nest to their billion-dollar buyouts.

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Meet Notion’s Q&A AI…your new productivity partner in crime.

What is Q&A? 

Q&A is a chatbot integrated into Notion. It's designed to sift through your content, curating concise answers, citing sources, and even directing you to relevant pages. This AI feature is a game-changer in how we interact with our digital workspace.

Notion Q&A is available to all Notion users, whether you use it alone or through work, and it’ll cost between $8 and $10 per person per month. The tool has a lot in common with Microsoft’s Copilot and Google’s Duet AI as well as other tools like Dropbox Dash and Google’s NotebookLM.

How to Get Started with Q&A 

To dive into Q&A, ensure you have Notion AI included in your plan (Settings > Billing). Then, head over to the Notion AI website and sign up for the Q&A waitlist. Simple!

Q&A has many use cases that can significantly boost productivity, here are 5 use cases to utilize Q&A in your workflow:

1. Search for information across your workspace

Notion Q&A can help you find information quickly and easily, even if you don't know exactly where it is. For example, you could ask Q&A to "find all mentions of product launch plans" or "show me all the notes I took on user research."

2. Answer onboarding questions

Even the most comprehensive onboarding process will leave some questions unanswered. Q&A can be a valuable resource for new employees who need to find information quickly and easily. For example, a new employee could ask Q&A "how do I set up my 401k?" or "what should I do if I get locked out of the office?"

3. Get up to date on missed meetings

If you miss a meeting, you can use Q&A to catch up quickly. For example, you could ask Q&A to "summarize yesterday's standup" or "find all the tasks assigned to me after the marketing meeting."

4. Find explanations for data trends

Notion Q&A can help you make sense of data trends by suggesting possible explanations. For example, you could ask Q&A "why have we experienced such high organic growth in Korea?" or "what factors are contributing to the increase in customer churn?"

5. Generate summaries of complex topics

Notion Q&A can help you quickly understand complex topics by generating summaries of relevant information. For example, you could ask Q&A to "summarize the key findings of the latest customer satisfaction survey" or "provide an overview of the new marketing campaign strategy."

High-quality SDXL Image Generation in under 1 second with OctoAI

OctoAI has onboarded 2 major advances in image GenAI models that vastly improve the speed and cost of generating high-quality images.

  • The first is SSD-1B, a distilled version of SDXL that is 50% faster, with only a small difference in image quality.

  • The second is LCM-LoRAs, an even newer and more impressive innovation that enables you to get high-quality image output in less than one second and the lowest SDXL image prices possible today.

Here's why OctoAI's solution stands out:

  1. Lightning-Fast Performance: Experience end-to-end latencies under 3 seconds and an astounding success rate of over 99.99% on inferences.

  2. Unparalleled Customization: Seamlessly import or create fine-tuning assets from leading platforms or craft your very own, all with OctoAI's user-friendly interface.

  3. Cost-Efficiency: With costs as low as $0.002 per SDXL image, scaling your app won't break the bank.

OctoAI Asset Orchestrator takes the spotlight, eliminating the need for managing multiple endpoints. This orchestrator streamlines the image generation process, delivering tailored results at lightning speed and an affordable price point.

Try the prompt for yourself 
Prompt: "A photo robotic python crawling".
These images were generated using Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 with the style pretexts of "Craft Clay"," Cinematic", "analog - film" and "comic-book".

Dive into a new era of image generation with OctoAI. Starting is easy and free, with scalable tiers designed to suit your growing needs. Say goodbye to lengthy setup times—OctoAI gets you up and running in a matter of days.

Sign up and start building today at no cost, with the free tier of the OctoAI Image Gen Solution.

Make your own GPT

Create custom versions of ChatGPT that combine instructions, extra knowledge, and any combination of skills

Try it out at chat.openai.com/create
  • Decide What It Should Do: Think about what you want your GPT to help with, like writing stories, answering questions, or something else.

  • Collect Information: Find and gather lots of examples and information related to what you want your GPT to do.

  • Teach Your GPT: Use these examples to train your GPT, which is like teaching it how to understand and respond to different things.

  • Try It Out and Improve: Test your GPT to see how well it works. If it makes mistakes or doesn't do exactly what you want, keep teaching it until it gets better.

Catch a glimpse of this in our Twitter feed: @EntrepreneursAI

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