OpenAI taking steps to stop AI from 'going rogue' 🤖

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Hi there! To make you’re weekend more exciting, we’re back with another set of interesting updates from the world of AI. Please sit back and take a sip of your coffee as we show you the most trending AI news, tools, tutorials, and more! 😃

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🚀Upcoming AI events

  • Data Connect conference 
    DataConnect Conference brings together industry leaders, technical experts, and entrepreneurs to discuss the latest trends, advancements, technologies, and innovations in data, analytics, machine learning, and AI

    July 20-21, 2023

    Columbus, Ohio

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  • Ai4 2023

    Ai4 2023 will welcome 275+ speakers from leading organizations. All of our speakers are actively involved in artificial intelligence and machine learning projects.

    August 7-9,2023

    MGM Grand, LAS VEGAS

    Register now

  • Voice & AI 

    The premier event that brings the global conversational and generative AI communities together. Come explore custom assistants, digital humans, ChatGPT apps, and open-source platforms. Discover the latest innovations in conversation design, conversational AI, machine learning, LLMs, data training, and prompt engineering.

    September 5-7, 2023

    Washington Hilton

    Washington DC

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  • Artificial Intelligence Conference 2023

    Thu, Aug 17, 7 AM – Sun, Aug 20, 9 PM


    Hosted by Tracy

    Register now

💡Trending news

  • ChatGPT-maker OpenAI says it is doubling down on preventing AI from 'going rogue' (Link)

  • Amazon CEO explains how the company will compete against Microsoft, Google in AI race (Link)

  • Code Interpreter will be available to all ChatGPT Plus users over the next week (Link)

  • Volkswagen will start testing self-driving cars in Austin as it moves on from Argo AI (Link)

  • AI artist imagines Friends characters’ Indian-style wedding. The Internet loves it (Link)

⚙️Supercharge your business

  • Spot is a virtual workspace and collaboration tool designed for remote teams.

  • Unscreen is an AI-based tool that helps you remove background from videos automatically.

  • InstaText is an online AI-powered writing tool similar to Grammarly.

  • is a social media management AI marketing tool that helps manage all of your social media profiles in one dashboard.

  • lets you create SEO-optimized content better and faster.

  • Manychat has proven itself a prominent fixture in the world of AI chatbots.

  • RoomGPT uses AI to generate different themes for a room based on a picture taken by the user.

  • BitoAI is an AI design generator that can be used to build various digital products like apps, landing pages, websites, blogs, NFTs, dashboards, and widgets.

🧠Level up 

  • This video unveils 10 influential AI SEO secrets that have been instrumental in ranking over 5,000 articles successfully, if you’re looking to rank your videos on search engines and are clueless, Check here.

  • This video explores Aider, an astonishing AI coding assistant that excels in constructing complete codebases and iterating on existing code. Its capabilities are truly remarkable. Watch to learn the installation process and how to effectively utilize this incredible tool! Check here.

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  • Tweet by @itsPaulAi

    Launching a solo business is now easier thanks to AI and No-Code… Here are the apps and how I use them for my own online business:Check here.

  • Tweet by @heyBarsee

    “AI will create so many new opportunities in 2023…
    Here's a MEGA THREAD🧵 (with resources) to keep you up to date:” Check here!

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