OpenAI Poised to Challenge Google's Search Dominance

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AI-Assisted Robotics for Home Healthcare With Charles Gellman of HiDOHealth

The latest episode of Unlocking the AI Advantage tackles communication gaps in home healthcare. Ramesh Dontha chats with Charles Gellman, CEO of HiDOHealth, an AI-powered company aiming to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

 HiDOHealth: A Patient-Friendly AI Solution

HiDOHealth offers a patient-friendly device with a mobile app to automate home care, focusing on medication compliance. This can improve communication between patients and providers, leading to better health outcomes.

The Podcast Digs Deeper

The episode with host Ramesh Dontha explores:

  • How HiDOHealth works and who can benefit most.

  • The technology behind the device and Gellman's inspiration for creating it.

  • The development process, the role of AI in optimizing results, and the challenges HiDOHealth faces.

Listen and Learn More

Tune in to the full episode to discover how HiDOHealth might revolutionize home healthcare with AI.

Connect with HiDOHealth:

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The AI Upstart: OpenAI Poised to Challenge Google's Search Dominance

Rumors are swirling about OpenAI potentially unveiling its own search engine on May 9th, 2024, setting the stage for a showdown with Google's search dominance. With Microsoft's support and advanced AI tools like ChatGPT, this rumored launch could mark a significant shift towards more dynamic and intuitive search capabilities, just as the tech community gears up for Google’s I/O event on May 14th.

Image created with DALL·E 3

Key Points:

  • Enhanced conversational capabilities and user-centric functionalities hint at a major overhaul in how we interact with search engines.

  • If true, OpenAI's entry could spur a wave of innovation across the search engine landscape, challenging existing giants.

  • With these exciting possibilities come questions about algorithmic fairness and data integrity in OpenAI's approach to search.

X Rolls Out AI-Powered News Summaries for Premium Users

X is adding a new feature called Stories, powered by Grok AI, that provides summaries of trending topics based on conversations happening on the platform. This is available for premium users under the Explore tab for now.

Source: Mashable

  • Summaries are curated by Grok AI, but X warns it can be susceptible to hallucinations, so users should verify information.

  • Also introducing a Google Meet competitor and expanding its Community Notes feature.

Microsoft Releases Inaugural Responsible AI Transparency Report

Microsoft has published its first Responsible AI Transparency Report, outlining its efforts to develop and deploy AI platforms responsibly. The report showcases Microsoft's achievements in responsible AI, including the release of 30 responsible AI tools with over 100 features to support AI development, and a 16.6% growth in its responsible AI team.

Key Features:

  • Open-access tool called Python Risk Identification Tool (PyRIT) for generative AI, and generative AI evaluation tools in Azure AI Studio to identify and address safety risks.

  • Commitment to sharing practices and learnings with the public, and holding itself accountable for responsible AI development and deployment.

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May 7,2024 : Apple's "Let Loose"

Apple's "Let Loose" event, scheduled for May 7, is expected to focus entirely on the iPad, with a plethora of new features and updates announced. The event will see the introduction of a new 12.9-inch iPad Air, featuring a larger screen size than its predecessors, alongside significant upgrades to the iPad Pro, including OLED displays, thinner hardware, and a new chip.

May 10, 2024: How to use AI to 10x your productivity

Hosted by Allie K Miller,this free webinar will teach you how to use AI to be more productive at work. Sign up to learn more.

May 14, 2024: Google I/O

Google I/O 2024 is an annual developer conference where Google unveils its latest innovations, showcases cutting-edge technologies, and provides developers with insights into the future of Google products and services.

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