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Whether you're a seasoned AI enthusiast or a novice, this webinar will give you the skills to launch your AI applications quickly.

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Elevate your Entrepreneurial journey with AI Notetaking

Why AI Notetaking? Here's the scoop:

  • Speedy Idea Capture

  • Smart Organization

  • Effortless Recall

  • Seamless Sharing

Top AI Notetaking Tools to Explore:

  • AI-powered notetaking and documentation tool

  • Your all-in-one project planner and notetaker.

  • Allows users to collaborate on documents in real time.

  • Automates repetitive tasks.

  • Summarizes messy notes.

  • Generates actionable items from meeting notes.

  • automatic note-taker

  • works seamlessly with Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams.

  • generates transcripts and record meeting videos as well as audio.

  • Personalized knowledge assistant.

  • Asks and generates content from notes.

  • Enhances note-taking capabilities.

Call to Action:

Try Otter AI Notetaking tool and see how it can help you to achieve your goals as an AI Entrepreneur.

To take notes using Otter AI, follow these steps:

  1. Record with Otter AI:

    • Create or log in to your Otter AI account.

    • Click "Start Recording" to begin capturing your meeting or lecture.

  2. Add Your Touch:

    • Otter AI transcribes in real-time. As it works, you can insert your own notes, comments, and tags.

  3. Wrap it Up:

    • When done, hit "Stop Recording."

    • Otter AI will generate a transcript that you can review and edit. Then, export it in various formats like Word, PDF, or TXT.

Unique Otter AI Features

Transcribe virtual meetings

OtterPilot™ records and transcribes live meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, simultaneously capturing slides and creating a summary.

Transcribe audio and video files

Otter will transcribe your audio and video files. You can then search, share, and edit. Import your files to Otter on the Web, or through our iOS and Android mobile apps.

Transcribe YouTube Videos

Otter will transcribe any YouTube video. Just play your video, and then tap Record within Otter.

Interactive Transcripts

OtterPilot™ generates live summaries for all recordings, saves time.


Export your conversation anytime, to a variety of file formats, including PDF. The SubRip Subtitle format text file, can be imported into a video file for subtitles is widely used to export captions to YouTube.

Transcribe Dropbox files

When you add a video or audio file into the Otter app folder in Dropbox, it will automatically be transcribed and synced with Otter. Note: Available for Otter Business and Enterprise.


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