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Key Takeaways:

  • Generative AI Takes Center Stage: NVIDIA's new Blackwell platform ushers in a new era for generative AI.


  • AI in Transportation: Leading automakers adopt NVIDIA DRIVE Thor for next-gen vehicles, including robotaxis and autonomous delivery.

Source: waabi.in

  • Digital Companions in Cars: Generative AI revolutionizes in-vehicle experiences, creating intelligent companions for car occupants.

Source: developer.nvidia.com

  • Lifelike AI Characters: Developers use NVIDIA tech to create realistic avatars for various applications, from games to healthcare.

Source: developer.nvidia.com

  • Quantum Computing Gets a Boost: Advancements include large language models, supercomputers, and a new academic program.

  • Cloud Quantum Computing: NVIDIA launches a cloud service for researchers to explore quantum computing.

  • 6G Research Platform: Unveiled by NVIDIA, this platform utilizes AI to accelerate development of next-generation wireless communication.

  • Project GR00T: A new foundation model for humanoid robots is announced by NVIDIA.

Source: developer.nvidia.com


AI Assistant Showdown: Apple in Talks to Integrate Google Gemini

Apple is reportedly in talks with Google to bring its AI assistant, Google Gemini, to power Siri and other AI features in the next iPhone operating system (iOS 18). This comes after Apple's struggles with its own AI chatbot, Apple GPT, which reportedly fell short compared to competitors.

Image created with DALL·E 3

  • This move suggests Apple might be behind in the AI race, having scrapped its Apple Car project and shifting focus to AI initiatives.

  • An Apple-Google partnership would put Google Gemini in front of billions of iPhone users, giving Google a major advantage over competitors.

  • While Apple is looking to outsource its AI features, it's also building its own foundation with an open-source machine learning framework and an AI image editor.

Claude 3 Opus: The New AI Contender

Claude 3 Opus emerges as a formidable competitor, challenging established models like GPT-4 with its remarkable speed and usability. Despite lacking a code interpreter, its potential for future enhancements promises to redefine the standards of AI capabilities.

Source: claude.ai

  • Outshines GPT-4 with its ability to generate quick and comprehensive responses, making it highly desirable for programming and quick queries.

  • Excels in generating programming code efficiently, though currently lacks the ability to execute code directly within the conversation.

  • Its entry into the AI arena pressures existing giants to accelerate improvements, signaling a vibrant future for generative AI technologies.

Potential applications of Claude 3 Opus:

  • Generate creative text formats like poems, code, scripts, musical pieces, emails, and letters.

  • Analyze research papers, brainstorm ideas, and generate hypotheses.

  • Craft personalized content for marketing campaigns and develop targeted sales strategies.

  • Create interactive learning materials and answer student questions in an informative way.

  •  Assist with code generation and debugging.

Waabi's Copilot4D Redefines Autonomous Driving with AI

Waabi's latest innovation, Copilot4D, leverages generative AI and lidar data to predict traffic movement with groundbreaking precision, heralding a significant leap in autonomous driving technology. This AI model, trained on extensive lidar datasets, showcases the company's "AI-first" approach, aiming to reduce the reliance on extensive road-testing while enhancing safety and efficiency on the roads.

Waabi's focus on lidar-based generative models underscores its commitment to achieving Level 4 automation, where vehicles operate safely without human intervention.

Source: waabi.ai

  • Copilot4D's ability to foresee the movement of pedestrians, trucks, and bicyclists up to 10 seconds into the future represents a major advancement in autonomous driving technologies.

  • Waabi distinguishes itself with a lidar-focused strategy, emphasizing data learning over predetermined reactions, potentially streamlining the path to Level 4 automation.

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