Nvidia's AI Chip Revolution

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AI Innovations at Microsoft Build 2024 – Book of News

At Microsoft Build 2024, a range of AI advancements and tools were unveiled to revolutionize intelligent app development. The Book of News serves as a comprehensive guide to these announcements, offering insights and details on the latest products and updates, helping developers stay informed and utilize new features effectively.

Source: news.microsoft.com

Source: news.microsoft.com

Key Announcements:

  • Azure AI Services: New reference architectures for designing and deploying private chatbots, ensuring reliability and compliance.

  • Custom Generative Mode: A new model type in preview that simplifies processing complex documents with minimal labeling.

  • Azure AI Search Updates: Enhanced search relevance, increased storage capacity, and new integrations for superior performance and flexibility.

  • Azure AI Studio: A pro-code platform now generally available for developing and deploying custom copilots with advanced tools and continuous monitoring.

  • Models as a Service (MaaS): Coming soon, allowing developers to build generative AI apps using pay-as-you-go APIs and hosted fine-tuning, eliminating the need for dedicated VM hosting.

The Book of News is your go-to resource to explore these groundbreaking updates in detail, ensuring you have the information and context needed to leverage the full potential of these advancements.

Nvidia Announces New AI Chip Every Year

Nvidia reported a $14 billion profit in one quarter due to high demand for AI chips. CEO Jensen Huang announced that Nvidia will now design new chips annually, up from a two-year cycle, including CPUs, GPUs, NICs, and switches, ensuring backward compatibility.

Major tech companies like Meta and Tesla plan to integrate these AI GPUs, with Meta expecting over 350,000 H100 GPUs by year-end.

Image created with DALL-E 3

Key Features:

  • Annual Chip Development: New AI chips every year instead of every two years.

  • Backward Compatibility: New AI GPUs are compatible with existing infrastructure and software.

  • High Demand: Companies like Meta and Tesla are integrating large quantities of Nvidia's AI GPUs to enhance their systems.

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Do It Yourself (DIY) with AI

QuickChat AI Chrome Extension Will Save You Hours of Work!

This AI chrome extension allows you to access Gemini/ChatGPT with one click

Use Case 1: While researching, tap on any blog to generate quick summary

Use Case 2: Editing a doc but need to quickly correct the grammar? Just paste it in the chat

Use Case 3: Don’t understand a concept? Just ask your questions in the chat

Additional features: 

  1. You can chat with a PDF

  2. If there’s a prompt that you frequently use, you can add it as a macro for easy access

  3. Pre-added prompts for SEO, coding, marketing and education

AI in Healthcare

AI, Google, and Harvard Unveil Stunning 3D Model of the Human Brain

Harvard scientists and Google's AI experts have created the most detailed 3D map of the human brain using advanced AI-based image processing. They reconstructed nearly every cell and its connections within a tiny brain tissue sample, generating a dataset of over 1.4 petabytes.

This work offers unprecedented insights into the brain's structure and potential answers to neurological disorders.

Image created with DALL-E 3

The study used a brain sample from an epilepsy patient, uncovering intricate neuron layers and dense neural connections. This high-resolution dataset is now available for further scientific exploration.

Key Discoveries:

  • Intricate Brain Layers: Six distinct neuron layers, identified by size and type.

  • Dense Neural Connections: A single cubic millimeter sample with around 50,000 cells and 150 million synapses.

  • Mysterious Axon Whorls: Rare, looped axon structures with unknown functions.

This study combines Harvard's electron microscopy and Google's AI to create the largest-ever 3D brain tissue map. Mapping 57,000 cells, 230 millimeters of blood vessels, and 150 million synapses, it offers unprecedented insights into brain structure and function. The publicly available tools enable global researchers to explore this dataset, advancing neurological research and understanding of brain diseases.

Digital Twin technology for personalized healthcare

Digital Twin technology revolutionizes personalized healthcare and diabetes management with AI and IoT; read the blog to learn more.


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