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馃殌StreamAlive: AI for presenters to skyrocket audience engagement in presentations, whether online or in-person. Craft & run AI-assisted interactions to vividly visualize responses in real-time.

StreamAlive is skyrocketing engagement in Zoom webinars, all-hands on Google Meet, training programs on MS Teams, in-person events, hybrid classes, and livestreams on Twitch and YouTube Live. Users include Nike, Airrack, Persistent, Johns Hopkins, US Aid, Symphony AI, and over a thousand others.


Microsoft Debuts Phi-3 Mini

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Microsoft has introduced Phi-3 Mini, a compact AI model with 3.8 billion parameters, tailored for smaller datasets. Available on Azure, Hugging Face, and Ollama, it enhances the capabilities of its predecessor, Phi-2, performing comparably to much larger models.

Designed for efficiency, Phi-3 Mini operates effectively on personal devices and is set to be joined by Phi-3 Small and Phi-3 Medium. The model was trained using a novel "curriculum" based on children's bedtime stories, streamlining complex topics with basic vocabulary.

Phi-3 Mini excels in coding and reasoning, suitable for companies with limited data, offering an economical alternative to larger, power-intensive models.

This launch signifies Microsoft's shift towards more accessible, smaller-scale AI models, emphasizing innovation and cost-effectiveness.

Adobe Rolls Out New AI Tools in Photoshop

Adobe has enhanced Photoshop with AI-driven tools from its Firefly Image 3 model, now in the beta desktop app. These tools simplify design tasks and enhance user creativity.

The Reference Image tool stands out by using uploaded images to direct AI outputs, eliminating the need for complex text prompts. This tool speeds up the design process, allowing for more intuitive adjustments.

Source: adobe.com

Source: adobe.com

Additional features include Generate Background for quick background replacements, Enhance Detail for clearer images, and Generate Similar for style replication. The Generate Image tool creates new visuals from text descriptions.

Adobe ensures the safety of these tools for commercial use through a "do not train" tag, part of its Content Authenticity Initiative.

The update also introduces the Adjustment Brush for specific color changes, Adjustment Presets for rapid edits, and an enhanced Font Browser with over 25,000 fonts accessible within the app.

This update underscores Adobe's commitment to advancing Photoshop's capabilities through innovative AI technology.

FPT and Nvidia to Establish $200M AI Factory in Vietnam

Vietnamese IT company FPT and Nvidia are partnering to build a $200 million AI factory in Vietnam, aiming to elevate the country as a global AI hub. This venture will focus on enhancing AI and cloud computing capabilities in the region.

The factory will serve as a "sovereign cloud" for AI products and will be equipped with Nvidia's latest AI software and H100 Tensor Core GPUs. The collaboration is part of FPT鈥檚 broader strategy to promote AI innovation in Vietnam and neighboring Asian countries.

Source: fptsoftware.com


This Free AI Image Generation Tool is Mind blowing !

We鈥檙e talking about Pixlr! It is a holistic AI image generation and editing tool similar to Photoshop. Pixlr offers a powerful combination of classic photo editing tools and cutting-edge AI features, all accessible from your web browser. Want to create a stunning image from scratch? Just type in your description and Pixlr's AI image generator will bring it to life for free.

Prompt: cat wearing a jacket and sunglasses, neon style

Here鈥檚 more,

Prompt: vibrant multi-colored bird sitting on a sakura tree

What鈥檚 different here is you can set how you want your images using multiple settings before generating the images, namely, the aspect ratio, style, color, lighting and composition of the image. You can even add a negative prompt for images that need to be extra specific.

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Pixlr offers a bunch of other AI and image editing tools, we鈥檒l review some of them in the next newsletter. Stay tuned for the update!



  • JULY 24-26,2024


MIT's AI Answer: RAISE for Responsible AI Future

MIT RAISE聽(Responsible AI for Social Empowerment and Education) is a new MIT-wide initiative headquartered in the聽MIT Media Lab聽and in collaboration with the聽MIT Schwarzman College of Computing聽and聽MIT Open Learning.聽Its mission is to advance equity in learning, education, and computational action by preparing diverse K-12 students, an inclusive workforce, and lifelong learners to be successful, responsible, and engaged in an increasingly AI-powered society.

Source: playground.raise.mit.edu

Here are some key aspects of MIT RAISE:

  1. AI Literacy in K-12:

    • Computational thinking is recognized as a new literacy for the 21st century.

    • AI literacy is also becoming recognized as important for聽STEAM education聽on a global scale.

    • MIT RAISE collaborates with schools, education nonprofits, and industry partners to develop and disseminate K-12 AI education programs worldwide.

    • They extend student-friendly coding platforms like聽Scratch,聽App Inventor, and聽Jupyter Notebooks聽to include AI services, content, and project-based learning curricula.

    • The goal is to empower students to learn through playful experimentation, creative expression, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving, enabling them to engage in collaborative computational action with their AI-powered creations to benefit others.

    • Additionally, MIT RAISE develops teacher professional development materials aligned with key AI concepts.

  2. Equity and Inclusion:

    • MIT RAISE recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in the future AI workforce.

    • By providing accessible AI education, they aim to create a more equitable and diverse AI community.

    • Their efforts span from preK-12 settings to the workforce, ensuring that learners of all ages can flourish in the era of AI

Free AI in the Classroom! Google & MIT Empowers Teachers

Google and MIT's "Generative AI for Educators" course empowers middle and high school teachers to leverage AI tools in the classroom. This free, two-hour online program provides hands-on experience with AI applications for personalized learning, creative lesson plans, and streamlined administrative tasks. Teachers will also learn responsible AI practices to ensure ethical use of this technology.

Source: grow.google

This initiative aims to improve teaching practices and enhance student learning experiences in the AI age. Several US school districts have already adopted the program, and teachers who complete the course earn a certificate for professional development credit.

Craft detailed megaprompts for AI models in seconds, not hours.

In a world flooded with information, clarity is key. That's where聽Megaprompter聽steps in, revolutionizing the way we interact with AI technologies like ChatGPT.

Megaprompter takes your basic ideas or questions and enriches them with context and detail, crafting tailor-made mega prompts for AI models like ChatGPT. This ensures that you get the best response from the AI every time.

Make megaprompts for free and discover why top innovators and growth hackers are turning to Megaprompter to 3X their productivity with AI.

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