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Quickly Build AI Apps for Clients or Teams

Create custom AI apps for your team, clients, or yourself in 5 steps.

  1. Sign up for a no-code AI application layer like MindStudio.

  2. Define the purpose and standard output in the primary prompt. 

  3. Select a foundational AI (GPT, Claude, or PaLM).

  4. Add custom data sources by uploading PDFs, excel sheets, text, etc.

  5. Add automations and customize user input to increase personalization.

You’re done! Publish, share, or embed the application.

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5-step guide to craft your own Book AI chatbot in MindStudio

1. Create an account on Youai.ai website to access the MindStudio platform and its AI creation tools.

2. Choose the Book AI pre-built chatbot template to serve as a starting point for your chatbot's interactions and functionalities.

3. Tailor the Book AI chatbot to your specific needs by adding the custom data sources by uploading PDFs, excel sheets, text, etc. in the data source.

4. Train the chatbot with the defined intents, responses, and entities to train your Book AI chatbot effectively in understanding and responding to user queries.

5. Deploy and share your Book AI chatbot with others. MindStudio allows embedding your chatbot in websites, apps, or messaging platforms.

Explore our YouTube channel for a detailed tutorial on building a Book AI chatbot with MindStudio

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For AI-Curious: Introduction to AI essentials

  • What's AI? Understand the basics of AI, its significance, and its relationship with machine learning and deep learning.

  • Machine Learning - Art of the Possible: A concise guide on the impact of machine learning in business, benefits and risks.

  • Generative AI - Art of the Possible: Learn the distinct role of generative AI in technology with practical use cases.

  • Generative AI for Executives: Quick video courses for executives to grasp how generative AI can solve business problems and spur growth.

For Developers and Tech Newbies

  • AWS DeepRacer: Dive into machine learning with a 3D racing simulator and a mini autonomous race car.

  • Machine Learning University: Access Amazon’s in-house ML courses for a deep dive into the foundations of machine learning.

  • Amazon CodeWhisperer: Get familiar with an AI coding companion that accelerates your coding process.

  • Amazon Bedrock: Explore the service for building generative AI applications, with insights into its capabilities and uses.

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