Microsoft unveils AI to challenge Google, OpenAI

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Top AI News

Microsoft Develops New AI Model to Compete with Google and OpenAI

Microsoft is training a new, in-house AI language model called MAI-1, which will be large enough to compete with those from Alphabet's Google and OpenAI. The model, overseen by Mustafa Suleyman, is expected to be previewed at Microsoft's Build developer conference later this month.

Source: Image created with Meta AI

Key Points:

  • MAI-1 will have roughly 500 billion parameters, smaller than OpenAI's GPT-4 but larger than Microsoft's previous models.

  • The exact purpose of the model has not been determined yet and will depend on its performance.

  • Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in OpenAI and deployed its technology across its productivity software, giving it an early lead in the generative AI race.

  • MAI-1 will be "far larger" than Microsoft's previous models, making it more expensive to train and maintain.

Enhance Viewer Engagement with YouTube Premium's AI-Powered 'Jump Ahead’

YouTube Premium subscribers can now enhance their video viewing experience with the AI-powered 'Jump Ahead' feature, initially tested in March and now available through the portal. This feature allows users to skip to the most frequently skipped parts of videos, streamlining their viewing and skipping over less engaging sections.

Image created with DALL·E 3

Key Points:

  • The 'Jump Ahead' button, shaped like a pill, appears briefly in the bottom-right corner, offering viewers a quick skip to popular points in the video.

  • This feature is currently available only for YouTube Premium members using the Android app in the US on English videos.

  • Accessible via the mobile client under Settings > Try experimental new features, with a tentative end date of June 1.

  • Joins other AI-driven features like "Ask" questions, enhancing user interaction and content accessibility on YouTube.

Empowering Human Capital to Advance Indonesia's AI Ecosystem

Indonesia holds significant potential in human capital for advancing artificial intelligence (AI) technology. During a recent discussion at Solo Technopark, BRIN Steering Committee member Marsudi Wahyu Kisworo highlighted the urgent need for enhanced incentives, better digital infrastructure, and robust support for research and development to bolster the AI ecosystem.

Image created with DALL·E 3

Key Points:

  • Accelerate AI progress by upgrading digital and internet technology infrastructure.

  • Secure more research funding and intellectual property rights to protect and motivate innovators.

  • Provide free research facilities and encourage environments like STP to support young researchers, similar to international tech incubators.

  • Aim to position Indonesia as a significant contributor to global technology development through focused AI advancements.

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