Microsoft's AI PCs worth $999!

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Code, Creativity, and Connections with Microsoft Build 2024

The much-anticipated Microsoft Build 2024 kicks off today, bringing together developers, tech enthusiasts, and industry leaders.

This year’s event, held both in-person in Seattle and online, promises exciting insights into the future of technology.

The focus areas include artificial intelligence (AI), updates on Windows 11, and a glimpse of new Surface hardware. With keynote sessions led by CEO Satya Nadella, attendees can expect to dive deep into cutting-edge innovations, connect with fellow developers, and explore the latest tools and platforms. Let the coding adventures begin

ChatGPT Can Now Read Google Drive/OneDrive Files

In a significant update to ChatGPT, users can now access files stored on Google Drive and OneDrive directly. This eliminates the cumbersome process of downloading and re-uploading files, making the workflow more efficient. Additionally, ChatGPT's data analysis capabilities have been enhanced.

Users can now provide instructions in natural language to have ChatGPT run Python code and generate charts, granting them deeper insights from their data. It's important to note that these advancements are currently limited to some paying users.

Source: OpenAI Twitter

ChatGPT App is Here!

ChatGPT App is available for free on Play Store and App Store.

The app is a handy tool for quick searches, inspiration and especially voice commands, have you tried it yet?

Microsoft Announced New AI Chip Based PCs

Microsoft and Qualcomm are partnering to launch new PCs with AI chips. These PCs will be able to translate languages, recommend message replies, and suggest changes to settings, all while running AI models offline. This is seen as an effort to make Windows PCs more competitive with Apple's MacBooks which contain Arm-based chips.

Image Generated by DALL-E 3

Key points:

  1. Microsoft unveiled on Monday, a Surface Laptop and a Surface Pro tablet with Qualcomm chips that can handle specific AI functions offline.

  2. Microsoft will release PCs with AMD and Intel chips that will adhere to the Copilot+ standard, starting at $999.

  3. A new Recall feature will be able to search through previous actions on PCs using AI models that run offline, ensuring data stays on the device.

  4. Microsoft is teaming up with major apps to leverage NPU (Neural Processing Units, built specifically to accelerate AI tasks) for innovative AI features. Apps such as Adobe, CapCut, DaVinci Resolve Studio, Cephable, LiquidText, and djay Pro. 

  5. You can now pre-order these devices from Microsoft, with availability starting June 18.

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AI Events

AI Seoul Summit 2024: Shaping Global AI Governance

Starting today, May 21st, the UK and Republic of Korea co-host the AI Seoul Summit 2024, promoting international collaboration on AI safety, innovation, and inclusivity. Building on the Bletchley Declaration, the summit features a virtual leaders' session and in-person meeting of Digital Ministers.

Read the full blog post for comprehensive insights.

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Trivia Time

Remember this from the last newsletter? Guess the AI Image!🤔

We recently put the new ChatGPT 4o to the test alongside Meta AI and Midjourney.

Using the same prompt, "glass pomegranate, 1:1 size," each AI generated a unique image. We asked you to guess which image was created by ChatGPT 4o!




And the answer is , Image B.

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