Google & Microsoft rivalry could power up AI developments!

Also meet Orca, Microsoft's brand new AI model (See what it can do!)

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⚡ Prompts you must see

Use these market research prompts to get high-quality leads and stay one step ahead in the game 🚀

  • Discuss the importance of conducting market research to identify new leads for [product/service/business]. Provide recommendations for utilizing both primary and secondary research methods to gather information about potential customers, competitors, and market trends.

  • Examine the role of using online tools and resources, such as social media, search engines, and industry databases, to conduct market research for new leads for [product/service/business]. Discuss strategies for effectively using these tools to uncover potential new clients and business opportunities… 👇

💡Trending news

  • Microsoft and Google rivalry could supercharge the development of AI (Link)

  • How artificial intelligence is helping us talk to animals (Link)

  • AI Answers the Age-Old Question: What Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? (Link)

  • Meet Orca, Microsoft’s new 13 billion parameter AI model that can imitate GPT-4 (Link)

  • Open AI CEO Sam Altman says India can play a huge role in defining the international AI regulation framework (Link)

⚙️ Supercharge your business

  • Acrolinx This AI-powered marketing software improves the quality of content, so it meets brand parameters. Big companies like Google and Amazon, use this tool to make sure all their marketing content aligns with their brand.

  • Brandwatch offers two main solutions in its suite: consumer intelligence and social media management. These two solutions can be applied to an array of use cases that include market research, brand management, content marketing, crisis management, and influencer marketing.

  • InstaText is an online AI-powered writing tool similar to Grammarly. It performs basic functions like grammar and spell checks but goes a step further by rewriting sentences, so it reads better.

  • Seventh Sense is an AI email marketing campaign tool that ensures your emails get delivered at the right time for each customer. This personalized service allows marketers to engage with their audience better, knowing they will be opening their emails at the most optimal time.

  • MarketMuse prides itself on using AI technology in all of its services. The tool is designed for businesses needing help in crafting optimized long-form content like emails, sales copies, landing pages, or articles.

  • is a social media management AI marketing tool that helps manage all of your social media profiles in one dashboard. You can use it for tracking campaigns to see how they performed.

  • is an AI-based ad marketing tool that lets teams plan, test, and launch only the best-performing ads to their target audience. It integrates with various major platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram, letting businesses handle all of their ad marketing on a single dashboard.

  • lets you create SEO-optimized content better and faster. Once you enter a topic, Frase automatically compares and pulls data from the top sites with the same keyword. This artificial intelligence marketing tool then generates an SEO-friendly outline, so you can write content that would rank higher on search results.

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  • In this captivating video, witness the revelation of groundbreaking AI SEO techniques employed to skyrocket website traffic. Secret keyword strategy for 1M traffic! Check here.

  • Delve into a multitude of effective strategies for boosting productivity with ChatGPT in this video. Explore valuable insights and practical tips for enhancing productivity in areas such as research, writing, brainstorming, learning, and even integrating ChatGPT with Zapier. Check here.

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