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AI at Meta

Meta FAIR Unveils Four New AI Models and Research Artifacts to Drive Innovation


Meta’s Fundamental AI Research (FAIR) team has taken another significant step in its commitment to fostering an open AI ecosystem. The research team announced the release of four new publicly available AI models and additional research artifacts, aiming to inspire innovation within the AI community and promote responsible AI advancements.


The Announcements Include:

  • 🦎 Meta Chameleon: 7B & 34B language models supporting mixed-modal input and text-only outputs.

  • 🪙 Meta Multi-Token Prediction: Pretrained language models for code completion using multi-token prediction.

  • 🎼 Meta JASCO: Generative text-to-music models accepting various conditioning inputs for greater control. Paper available today, with a pretrained model coming soon.

  • 🗣️ Meta AudioSeal: An audio watermarking model designed for localized detection of AI-generated speech, available under a commercial license.

  • 📝 Additional RAI Artifacts: Research, data, and code to measure and improve representation of geographical and cultural diversity in AI systems.

Commitment to Open AI: Meta FAIR's latest releases emphasize their commitment to making cutting-edge AI technologies accessible to all, promoting community collaboration and responsible advancement in AI.

Explore the newly released models and research artifacts on the Meta FAIR platform[link]

Big News

Ilya Sutskever Leads the Charge in Building Safe AI

Safe Superintelligence Inc. (SSI), led by Ilya Sutskever, is dedicated to solving the crucial technical challenge of creating safe superintelligence. As the world's first straight-shot lab focused solely on this goal, SSI integrates safety and capability advancements, ensuring secure AI development. Based in Palo Alto and Tel Aviv, SSI recruits top talent to drive this mission forward.

Key Features:

  • Singular Focus: Dedicated exclusively to developing safe superintelligence.

  • Integrated Approach: Balances safety and capabilities as interconnected technical challenges.

  • Top Talent: Attracts the world's best engineers and researchers.

  • Strategic Locations: Offices in Palo Alto and Tel Aviv for optimal talent recruitment.

What It Means:Safe Superintelligence Inc. seeks to advance AI swiftly and safely, offering a unique chance to tackle a transformative technical challenge.


TikTok's AI Symphony: From Viewer to Composer in One Click?

TikTok has launched Symphony, a suite of AI features to help brands and creators produce content more efficiently. It includes digital avatars for multilingual ads, an AI dubbing tool for transcribing, translating, and dubbing videos in over 10 languages, and the Symphony Assistant for brainstorming, scriptwriting, and content optimization. While these tools enhance content creation and global reach, they also raise questions about authenticity and consumer trust.

Key Features:

  • Digital Avatars: Generate AI spokespeople for ads and branded content in multiple languages.

  • AI Dubbing Tool: Transcribes, translates, and dubs videos into 10+ languages.

  • Symphony Assistant: Chatbot for brainstorming, scriptwriting, and optimizing content.

What it means: Symphony's AI features empower brands and creators to produce high-quality, multilingual content more efficiently, enhancing global reach and engagement. The digital avatars and AI dubbing tools simplify creating and scaling content across diverse audiences, while Symphony Assistant streamlines brainstorming and scriptwriting.

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AI Innovation

Pixelbot 3000: Build Like a Masterpiece with AI! (LEGO Fan Alert!)

Pixelbot 3000, a Lego printer from the Creative Mindstorms YouTube channel, uses OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 to turn AI prompts into Lego mosaic artworks. Unlike its predecessor, the Bricasso, it automates high-contrast image creation for easier mosaic assembly, enhancing creativity for Lego fans.


Key Features:

  • AI Integration: Uses DALL-E 3 to generate simplified, high-contrast images.

  • Automated Process: Transforms AI prompts into 32x32 Lego tile mosaics.

  • Color Matching: Matches the closest 15 Lego colors to the AI-generated pixels.

  • Creative Freedom: Easily create custom Lego art with a simple text prompt.

How It Works: Users input their desired artwork prompt, which is sent to DALL-E 3 to generate a cartoon-style image at 1024x1024 pixels. The Pixelbot 3000's code then divides this image into a 32x32 grid, sampling the center pixel color from each square to create a scaled, high-contrast image. The final step involves matching these colors to the available Lego tiles, resulting in a beautiful mosaic.

Front Research

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Do it Yourself (DIY) With AI

Unleash Your Inner AI Guru: 3 Easy Hacks to Use ChatGPT 4o for FREE!

Ready to tap into the power of AI but strapped for cash? Here are 3 FREE ways to unleash the magic of ChatGPT 4o and become your own AI master!

Hack #1: The Barefoot Bard - ChatGPT 4o on Autopilot

  1. Head to ChatGPT's website and create your free account (think of it as your AI playground!)

  2. Unleash your curiosity! Simply type your question or request, and ChatGPT 4o will generate a response in a flash.

    Pro Tip: Activate "Temporary chat" to keep your history clean, like a digital incognito mode for your AI conversations. ️‍♀️

Hack #2: Merlin's Magic: ChatGPT 4o on the Go

  1. Download the Merlin extension - your one-stop shop for AI superpowers!

  2. From the friendly dropdown menu, select "ChatGPT 4o" - your key to AI conversations at your fingertips.

  3. Now the fun begins! Use Merlin's ChatGPT 4o to chat with documents and webpages, making research and information gathering a breeze. 🪄

Hack #3: Bing It On! Explore ChatGPT 4.0 with Bing Chat

Hold on! There's a slight twist. Stay tuned for Hack #3 in the next exciting installment!

Get ready to explore the frontiers of AI with these free hacks! What will you create with ChatGPT 4o?

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