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Meta's New AI Marvel: Chameleon

Meta has unveiled Chameleon, a new multi-modal AI model with state-of-the-art capabilities, rivaling Gemini, GPT-4, and Llama-2. Built on an "early-fusion token-based mixed-modal" architecture, Chameleon learns from diverse inputs like images, code, and text. Its end-to-end design makes it a game-changer in the AI landscape.




  • Excels in processing diverse inputs, including images, code, and text.

  • Seamless integration of information, outperforming traditional "late fusion" models.

  • Matches or exceeds top AI models, solidifying its position as a leader.

  • Ensures efficient and effective processing unlike other models.

Read the complete research paper here (link)

AI Safety Breakthroughs at Seoul Summit

The AI Seoul Summit has yielded significant progress in global AI safety commitments, with tech giants and nations alike pledging to prioritize responsible AI development.

Source: Twitter@AISafetyInst

Key Highlights:

  • 16 global AI companies, including Amazon, Google, and Meta, have committed to publishing safety frameworks for their frontier AI models, ensuring transparency and accountability in AI development.

  • Nations have agreed to form an international network of AI Safety Institutes, collaborating on risk thresholds for AI models that could potentially assist in building biological and chemical weapons.

  • The UK government has offered up to £8.5 million in grants for research into protecting society from AI risks, a crucial step towards developing effective AI safety measures.

Read more about the AI Safety Summit in our blog post: [link]

Truecaller and Microsoft Partner to Revolutionize Call Management with AI Voice Feature

Truecaller and Microsoft have introduced an AI-powered Assistant that answers calls using a synthetic version of the user's voice. Utilizing Microsoft's Azure AI Speech technology, paid Truecaller users can create a digital voice copy for personalized responses. Initially available to public beta users in select markets, this feature aims to improve call management.

Image created by DALL -E 3

Key Highlights:

  • Uses Microsoft's Personal Voice technology to replicate users' voices for call responses.

  • Users can personalize follow-up replies while maintaining a digital greeting.

  • Ensures synthetic audio can be detected for authenticity.

  • Starts in the U.S., Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, Sweden, and Chile, with broader availability to follow.

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AI Insight

Private Rooms in Midjourney

The “private room” in Midjourney lets you interact with the Midjourney Bot on Discord privately. You can create your own Discord server and invite the bot for personal use.

Alternatively, you can enable Stealth Mode with a subscription, allowing you to interact with the bot directly through DMs, ensuring complete privacy.

Members with over 100 images can click 'rooms' and then 'create room' to access a private space for collaborative creativity and exploration.

PROMPT: Oversized yellow children's sweatshirt featuring text "AI ENTREPRENEURS "on the front on the front, in the embroidery style, with a circular silhouette. Paired with blue jeans on a white background, creating a spring atmosphere with a sense of childlike innocence and charm. Short-haired girl with glasses, light brown hair, and a children's brand lookbook with high detail.

Do It Yourself (DIY) with AI

How to Leverage Gemini’s YouTube Extension?

Gemini's YouTube extension acts like a research assistant for YouTube videos. Here's what it can do:

  • Summarize videos: Tell Gemini to summarize a YouTube video and it will extract key points and takeaways. This can be helpful if you're short on time or want to get the gist of a video before you watch it.

  • Identify key information: You can ask Gemini specific questions about a YouTube video, and it will try to find the answer within the video content.

  • Improve content creation: Marketers can use the extension to generate detailed video descriptions with timestamps, which can help with SEO and viewer engagement.

Overall, the extension can save you time by helping you quickly understand YouTube videos.

Here’s how to enable it

Use case 1: Use the extension for research, and watch it inside Gemini to not disturb your watch history

Use case 2: Don’t have time to watch the video? Summarize and analyze it fast

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