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Discover DishBrain - Australia's Newest Tech Marvel!

Have you ever thought about a computer that can learn like a human brain? Meet DishBrain, an amazing innovation straight out of Australia. Scientists at Monash University and Cortical Labs have teamed up to blend biology with technology, creating something straight out of a sci-fi story!

Image generated using DALL-E.3

What's So Cool About DishBrain?

  • 🧠 Brain Meets Technology: DishBrain uses living brain cells grown on a chip!

  • 🎮 Playing Games: These cells can actually learn to play Pong, showing how they adapt and get smarter.

  • 💊 Medical Miracles: Imagine finding the best treatment for brain diseases using this tech.

  • 🤖 AI Advancement: DishBrain could lead to computers that think and learn like us.

This is not just about games; it's about transforming medicine and AI. Curious about how DishBrain could revolutionize our world?

🌐 Read the full blog post here and dive into the fascinating world of DishBrain! [link]

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Craft AI Snow Globe Masterpiece

Here’s the exact prompt I used to make this masterpiece:

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