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AI Safety Summit 2023



November 1st event highlights

  • Key nations including US, France, Singapore, Italy, Japan, and China to attend Bletchley Park Summit.

  • Summit at historic venue focuses on discussing risks and opportunities of rapid advancements in frontier AI.

  • Michelle Donelan inaugurates the first global Frontier AI safety summit at Bletchley Park.

  • UK and partners allocate £80 million for safe and responsible AI projects, starting in Africa.

  • 28 countries, led by the UK, including US, EU, and China, unite on frontier AI's opportunities and risks.

  • British supercomputing capacity to increase 30 times with new Cambridge and Bristol sites.

Top 10 free AI courses from leading companies and universities worldwide!

Whether you're a beginner or want to deepen your knowledge, there's something for everyone!

Top 10 free AI Courses

  • Learn generative AI from scratch with 5 different courses.

  • Start with an Introduction to AI and gain a solid understanding of AI concepts.

  • University of California - Davis covers big data and introduces IBM's Watson in this 4-module course.

  • Start with learning about big data opportunities and finish with an understanding of AI limitations.

  • Covers basics and progresses to neural networks and deep learning.

  • Provides a comprehensive understanding of artificial intelligence concepts and applications.

  • OpenAI and DeepLearning's collaborative course focuses on prompt engineering best practices.

  • Finish with a better understanding of how to effectively use prompts with hands-on practice.

  • Beginner-friendly course from Vanderbilt University to improve prompt writing.

  • Learn effective prompting and gain the ability to effectively interact with ChatGPT.

  • University of Pennsylvania offers a 4-module course tailored for businesses.

  • Begin with fundamentals and finish with an understanding of AI's applications in marketing, finance, and more.

  • Beginner-friendly course by IBM introducing students to AI.

  • Start with an introduction and end by building a chatbot without programming.

  • Harvard University offers a comprehensive 7-week course.

  • Start by learning about the technologies behind AI and finish with knowledge of AI principles and machine learning libraries.

  • edX offers an introductory course on prompt engineering that goes beyond the basics.

  • Start with learning the basics and finish by creating your own applications.

  • Offered by the Prompt Engineering Institute, this course starts with an introduction and finishes with a full understanding of the theory behind prompt engineering.

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