🔍 Is OpenAI diving into AI chip creation?

Did you see Bill Gates-backed Likewise's new AI 'Pix'? Your next-gen entertainment buddy!🎬

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  • How to create AI yearbook pictures with viral Epik app.

  • AI startup Prophetic claims its headset can control your dreams.

  • Taste testers deliver verdict on Coca-Cola's new AI-generated recipe.

Harness the Power of AI

AI’s been here. Now learn where it’s going. The AI Boot Camp from Columbia University serves as an introduction for those just entering tech, and builds on that foundation with specialized AI skills. 

This learning experience is perfect for those looking to upskill and set themselves apart. Upon completion, you will be prepared to lead AI conversations — and initiatives — to bring about key results for organizations. 

No previous programming skills are required to apply.

Why choose the AI Boot Camp?

  • Lead the way in all things AI: Learn how to leverage AI and machine learning to automate, solve problems, and drive results. No previous programming experience required.

  • Showcase AI skills to employers: Build a portfolio through challenges and team-based projects. Gain access to a network of 250+ employers

  • Explore funding options: Find payment plans and other financial resources to meet your needs.

Curated Pick: 4 AI Tools to Revolutionize Your Lead Game 🚀 

1.Seamless AI: Master the art of finding your perfect clients. Elevate connections like never before.
  • Easily build a sales pipeline.

  • Discover target accounts with firmographic filters and insights.

  • Optimize list-building for increased seller success.

  • Access verified contact and company profiles.

  • Obtain verified emails and cell phones for reliable leads.

2.Copilot AI: LinkedIn just got a power boost! Personalize, engage, and captivate.
  • Analyzes LinkedIn interactions for best outreach.

  • Curates a list of ideal prospects.

  • Fills pipeline with valuable leads.

  • Utilizes channels like LinkedIn for direct audience engagement.

3.Drift: From a spark of interest to a loyal customer, Drift's got you. A full-circle journey that captivates.
  • Delivers tailored messages to leads based on their profile and behavior.

  • Provides a guide to lead generation strategies and insights.

  • Uses conversational AI for scalable personalization and pipeline management.

4.Exceed AI: Reimagine automated conversations. From 'Hello' to 'Deal Closed', it's a seamless chat experience."
  • Utilizes AI assistants for autonomous communication on channels like email, chat, and SMS.

  • Captures and qualifies leads in real time.

  • Identifies sales-ready leads with team collaboration.

  • Integrates with top CRM, marketing, and sales platforms.


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