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I showed you this already?

We’ve all been there: you’re deep in your work and the same colleague interrupts you with “sorry, can you show me how to do that thing again?

To avoid those distractions, you need a how-to guide that explains things visually — which means you need guidde. It's a GPT-powered extension that turns screen recordings into engaging video explainers, up to 11x faster than making a video from scratch.

Using guidde feels like AI magic:

  • Record your screen and guidde automatically generates text for each step.

  • Instantly create a voiceover in almost any language or voice

How do I update this spreadsheet, fill out that invoice, share that report, make that cool chart? With guidde, there’s a clear, easy answer.

And, yep, it is totally free — no wonder guidde was Product Hunts #1 product of the day with a 5-star rating on the Chrome Web Store.

Company Description

guidde is the generative AI platform enabling teams to deliver know-how 11x faster for easy sharing with customers or employees. Market leading companies use guidde video documentation to answer customer questions, onboard and train employees and drive self-service, enabling teams to perform better.

Taplio is the all-in-one, AI-powered tool to grow your personal brand on LinkedIn. Over 6100 LinkedIn pros and creators use Taplio to grow faster and save time while doing it.

Do you find it hard to create high-performing content? To engage with the right people? Or do you just not have the time and focus to get results? Taplio helps tackle all of those with its advanced features: AI-powered content, advanced scheduling, engagement, lead generation and more.

Turn an idea into a stunning app. Without code. Without limits. Buzzy's AI-powered no code platform turns your idea into a high quality Figma design and a working, full stack web or mobile app. In minutes.

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Step 1: Pick the Right AI Writing Tool

Start by choosing your AI-powered writing tool. Options like GPT-3 on platforms such as OpenAI, Copy.ai, or Sudowrite offer unique features.

Step 2: Define Goals and Audience

Clarify your content goals and target audience.

Know your audience and what content they crave.

Step 3: Generate AI-Optimized Content

Now, let's get to the content generation:

a. Topic Generation: Input keywords or a brief topic to spark content ideas. AI can suggest trending topics.

b. Content Creation: AI drafts the first version—intros, paragraphs, conclusions. It saves you time and effort.

c. Optimize for SEO: Edit for SEO-friendliness—keyword placement, readability, and overall flow.

Step 4: Edit, Publish, and Promote

Publish the polished content on your site. Ensure proper formatting and SEO optimization with meta titles, descriptions, and headings.

Cheers to AI-powered content and boosted income! 🤑 

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