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Podcast: Episode 9

Information to Intelligence AI Age

Catch up on this insightful episode and unlock the mysteries of integrating AI into education!  

Tom Andriola, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Data at the University of California, Irvine—a visionary driving AI innovation in education.

In this episode, we explore:

  1.  Transitioning to the Intelligence Age: Understand the shift in education as we move beyond the Information Age.

  2. Three AI Implementation Models in Education: Discover diverse approaches to seamlessly integrate AI into educational systems.

  3. AI-First Benefits for Companies: Learn how embracing AI positions companies at the forefront of educational innovation.

  4. AI and the Future of Storytelling: Delve into the intersection of artificial intelligence and the narrative landscape.

  5. AI Innovation Challenge: Gain insights into this groundbreaking contest, uniting students from various courses and levels.

    Connect with Tom Andriola: LinkedIn /tomandriola 

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