Intel’s Gaudi to Dethrone NVIDIA

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Intel’s Bold Play to Dethrone NVIDIA in AI

At Computex 2024, Intel introduced significant advancements to rival NVIDIA in AI, focusing on data centers, edge devices, and PCs. Highlights include Intel Xeon 6 processors with Efficient-Cores for high-density workloads, the cost-effective Gaudi-3 AI accelerator, and the Lunar Lake client processor architecture, which promises up to 40% lower power consumption for next-gen AI PCs.


Key Highlights:

  • Intel Xeon 6 Processors: Improved performance and power efficiency with E-Cores, enabling 3-to-1 rack-level consolidation.

  • Intel Gaudi-3 AI Accelerator: High performance at a lower cost, designed to compete with NVIDIA’s solutions.

  • Lunar Lake Architecture: Next-gen AI PCs with up to 40% lower system-on-chip power consumption.

Intel's latest advancements promise to revolutionize AI by making it faster, more accessible, and cost-effective. These innovations span the entire computing spectrum, from data centers to edge devices and PCs, ensuring comprehensive improvements in AI performance and efficiency.

AI Assistants, Digital Humans, & Edge AI: Nvidia's Groundbreaking Announcements

NVIDIA's latest AI advancements, showcased at COMPUTEX 2024, are set to revolutionize AI assistants, digital humans, and real-time edge AI applications. The launch of Project G-Assist, ACE NIM microservices, and the RTX AI Toolkit, alongside the new IGX platform, enhance AI capabilities across gaming, creative workflows, healthcare, industrial, and scientific sectors. These innovations promise immersive experiences, efficient operations, and rapid AI deployment.


Key Highlights:

  • Project G-Assist: An RTX-powered AI assistant for optimized PC game and app performance.

  • ACE NIM Microservices: High-quality digital humans with natural language understanding, speech synthesis, and facial animation.

  • RTX AI Toolkit: Tools and SDKs for customizing and deploying AI models on RTX AI PCs.

  • IGX Platform: Enhanced with NVIDIA AI Enterprise-IGX and Holoscan for real-time AI insights in healthcare and industry.

NVIDIA's breakthroughs pave the way for more interactive, efficient, and impactful AI-driven experiences across various domains.

WWDC 2024

AI-Powered iOS 18: What to Expect at WWDC 2024

Apple's upcoming iOS 18, set to be unveiled at WWDC 2024, promises groundbreaking AI integrations and enhancements across its suite of apps. The tech giant is leveraging its Ajax LLM and partnering with OpenAI to revolutionize user experience while maintaining its commitment to data privacy.


  • Siri Upgrades: Enhanced AI capabilities for task automation and natural-sounding voices.

  • Photos & Notes: AI-powered photo retouching, object removal, and audio transcription with summarization.

  • Safari & Messages: Intelligent Search recaps for web pages, AI-generated emojis, and smarter replies.

  • New Features: AI in Mail, customizable app icons, route creation in Maps, and AI playlists in Music.

iOS 18 will also introduce improvements to the Settings interface for better organization and search, an updated Control Center with new widgets, and enhanced notifications with AI recaps. Users can expect faster, more reliable Spotlight searches, and the ability to place app icons freely on the Home Screen, offering a more personalized experience.

What It Means: These innovations signify Apple's leap into advanced AI, enhancing user convenience, and reinforcing its dedication to privacy and user-centric design. Stay tuned for more details at WWDC 2024!

AI in Headlines

Stability AI's New Sound Generator

Stability AI, the startup behind the AI-powered art generator Stable Diffusion, has introduced an open-source AI model called Stable Audio Open. This model generates sounds and songs based on text descriptions (e.g., “Rock beat played in a treated studio, session drumming on an acoustic kit”).


Dive into AI-driven audio creativity with these key features:

  • Versatile Sound Creation: Produces up to 47-second audio clips, perfect for drum beats, instrument riffs, ambient noises, and production elements.

  • Extensive Training Data: Trained on 486,000 royalty-free recordings from FreeSound and the Free Music Archive.

  • Customizable Output: Users can fine-tune the model with their own audio data, enabling personalized sound creation.

  • Usage Limitations: Not optimized for all musical styles and cultures, and commercial use is prohibited by its terms of service.

AI Analyzes Financial Earnings

University of Chicago researchers revealed a study showing GPT-4's potential in financial analysis, often outperforming human analysts. Examining financial statements from over 15,000 companies between 1968 and 2021, GPT-4 demonstrated impressive accuracy, particularly with large firms like Apple.

Read the complete study here (link)

Image created with DALL-E 3

Key Points:

  • GPT-4 analyzed 150,000 firm-year observations without textual context.

  • Achieved 60% accuracy with chain-of-thought prompts, surpassing human analysts.

  • Showed better performance with larger, more mature companies.

  • Highlighted the complexity and potential of AI in financial analysis.

As AI continues to evolve, tools like GPT-4 could soon enhance financial analysts' capabilities, making predictions more accurate and reliable. This research underscores the transformative potential of AI in the financial sector.

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