Hollywood actors stage massive strike against AI

Also: Can AI really make $1M?

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AI prompts

Whether you're a marketer, creator, freelancer, or business owner, we all face those pesky roadblocks that can feel like a real challenge to overcome.

But fear not! We've got just the thing to help you out. With the magic of precise prompt feeding, finding solutions has never been easier or quicker.

So, we wanted to share a little something with you to help you think outside the box. Here are the prompts to analyze business challenges, and guess what? We've even included some awesome examples to get those creative juices flowing.

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Trending news

  • The Hollywood actors strike will revolutionize the AI fight (Link)

  • How to use AI to deliver better customer service (Link)

  • Meta releases 'human-like' AI image creation model (Link)

  • Mustafa Suleyman: My new Turing test would see if AI can make $1 million (Link)

  • AI trend drives rise in students wanting to study computing (Link)

Supercharge your business

  • Sales Zen is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline and improve sales representative performance by providing coaching and CRM support.

  • Journey.io is an AI tool that generates generative QR code art by using image prompts and linking them to URLs.

  • Synthesia.io is a video creation platform that uses artificial intelligence to generate high-quality videos at scale.

  • Hexagons is a new type of search engine specifically built for doctors, lawyers, researchers, and anyone curious.

  • TexttoMusic is a music AI tool that generates audio based on text inputs.

  • Sturdy AI SturdyAI's platform uses natural language processing to analyze customer communications, such as emails, support tickets, and social media posts.

  • MonkeyLearn is an AI text analysis tool that can analyze reviews, surveys, support tickets, and other sources of human text.

  • Lancey is a product growth platform that enables the launching of product-led growth (PLG) experiments at a remarkably fast pace.

Level up

  • This tutorial will guide you in crafting an AI chatbot for your business, capable of responding to inquiries and storing data for future use. It's a step-by-step process aimed at creating a continually improving business tool. Check here.

  • AI systems are expensive to build and maintain, and its a popular belief that it only helps large and rich organizations, but what if your local pizza shop could use it to predict the flavors that would sell best the next week? Andrew Ng, a globally recognized leader in AI, envisions democratizing AI, empowering businesses to boost profits with minimal data. If you havent checked out his TED talk yet, check it out here.

Eye-catchy tweets

  • Tweet by @Damn_coder

    ....ChatGPTs info is outdated by 2 years. Here are 6 mind-blowing AI tools that give you accurate research results: Check here.

  • Tweet by @itsPaulAi

    ChatGPT has now a serious competitor. Anthropic has just released Claude 2 and it's really powerful. Here's why you should use Claude 2 instead of ChatGPT (for free): Check here

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