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Harvard data scientist upends finance community with returns in this market

The AI revolution has already begun to rewire Wall St, and its impact has been strongly felt in one growing market in particular. Because, thanks to a Harvard data scientist and his crack team, everyday people can now benefit from a previously “off-limits” investment

The company that makes it all possible is called Masterworks, whose unique investment platform enables savvy investors to invest in blue-chip art for a fraction of the cost. Their proprietary database of art market returns provides an unrivaled quantitative edge in analyzing the art market. 

So far, it's been right on the money. Masterworks’ 16 exits have all achieved positive returns, with recent exits delivering +17.8%, +21.5%, and +35.0% annualized net returns.

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The AI for Good initiative is set to support one million climate tech entrepreneurs in achieving COP28 goals.

AI for Good Initiative: WWT's program aims to provide AI-based tech solutions for climate action in partnership with Pearson and Open Innovation to educate entrepreneurs.

  • UAE's Role in Climate Tech: Highlighting the UAE's growth in climate tech investment, positioning it as a key player in global climate innovation.

  • Advanced Technology Center Access: WWT's ATC in Abu Dhabi offers state-of-the-art R&D facilities, available both physically and digitally for climate tech development.

  • Emphasis on Food Systems: The initiative focuses on AI-driven transformations in food systems to reduce GHG emissions and improve sustainability.

  • Collaboration for Global Change: Partnering with global experts, including Carmel McConnell, MBE, to formulate strategies for reducing child hunger and shaping a sustainable food future. Read the full story here.

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This week in AI creativity: ChatGPT-4 and Gemini AI tackle wool crafts

We compared ChatGPT-4 and Gemini AI in interpreting wool craft ideas. Both AI systems approached the challenge uniquely. They provided insights into how different models harness creativity.

Image generated using Adobe Firefly

Try the Prompt: "Could you show me ideas for what to make with images."

Key Takeaways:

  • ChatGPT-4's Text-Based Expertise:

    • Excelled in generating traditional wool craft ideas based on textual data.

    • Offered detailed showcase of creative things which can be made with those two yarns of wool

ChatGPT 4

  • Gemini AI's Visual Prowess:

    • Analyzed the wool's visual attributes, leading to unconventional craft suggestions.

    • Demonstrated innovative thinking influenced by the image's specific details.

Gemini AI

  • Contrasting Approaches:

    • ChatGPT-4 relied on its language model for classic crafting ideas.

    • Gemini AI focused on the image's visual cues, bringing a fresh perspective.

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Top 10 Master Tips for AI-Powered Content Marketing Success

Image generated using DALL-E.3

  1. Strategic AI Integration: Use AI to enhance strategic planning and creativity while maintaining human oversight, ensuring outputs align with brand voice and ethics.

  2. Enhanced Content Delivery: Employ AI for dynamic, personalized content delivery, but keep the human touch by personalizing AI content to reflect your unique voice.

  3. Data Protection and Authenticity: Safeguard sensitive information, and prioritize the creation of authentic, conversational content that stands out.

  4. AI as a Supportive Tool: Leverage AI as an efficient tool to assist, not to be the final say. Ensure AI content supports and does not overshadow the brand’s unique voice.

  5. Fact-Checking and Data Focus: Always verify facts, and utilize research-based data to create impactful content. Train AI on your brand’s tone for consistency.

  6. Transparency and Ethical Use: Be transparent in your AI processes, including the "4 P's" (Privacy, Prompts, Production, Provenance) for content transparency.

  7. Valuing Human Skills: Recognize that AI cannot replace critical human skills or the insights from subject matter experts (SMEs).

  8. Legal Awareness and Client Safety: Be aware of how AI is used within your team and its legal implications to ensure client safety and brand reputation.

  9. Intellectual Property Ownership: Maintain ownership of your intellectual property when utilizing AI tools and ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

  10. Incorporate AI Guidelines: A rulebook with AI content guidelines next to a content marketing workflow diagram.

    Example Use Case: AI-Enhanced Email Campaigns

    Imagine a B2B company that wants to personalize its email marketing campaign. Using AI, they can analyze customer data to create targeted content. his intelligent approach is balanced by a vigilant protection of sensitive information and a commitment to authenticity, ensuring content reflects the brand’s true voice.

    Key Points:

    • Data-Driven Personalization: Utilizing AI to analyze customer data for targeted messaging.

    • Sensitive Data Protection: Implementing strict protocols to safeguard customer information.

    • Authentic Brand Representation: Fact-checking AI-generated content to ensure it aligns with the brand’s identity.

    • Human Oversight: Marketers refine AI suggestions to add a personal touch, maintaining the brand’s unique tone.

    • Optimized Timing: Leveraging AI to determine the ideal timing for email dispatch, while respecting the team’s final decision-making authority.

    • Transparency with Subscribers: Openly communicating the use of AI, fostering trust and upholding ethical standards.

    Image generated using DALL-E.3

    Here is a flow chart illustrating the workflow of an AI-Enhanced Email Campaign. This visual represents the process from data analysis to campaign execution, highlighting key steps like content creation, data protection, personalization, and review loops for ensuring the content's effectiveness and authenticity. ​​

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