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Write Smarter, Not Harder: Chrome's AI Writes With You

Discover the future of online writing with Chrome's latest AI feature, "Help me write"! Rolled out in the U.S. for English users, this innovative tool in Chrome M122 is your new writing companion, helping you craft everything from catchy ads to professional inquiries with ease. Powered by advanced Gemini models, this feature is designed to enhance your writing based on webpage context, providing suggestions that resonate with your intended audience.

Image source: Google

DIY Robotics: USC's Kit Paves the Way for Inclusive AI Learning

Unlock the world of robotics and AI with the University of Southern California's innovative learning kit! Designed to democratize AI education, this kit allows students from high school to college to build and personalize their very own "robot friend." Emphasizing affordability and accessibility, the kit promises an engaging hands-on experience that seamlessly blends technology, creativity, and ethical learning.

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Apple's Secret AI Game-Changer: Ask Unveiled

Apple has quietly added 'Ask,' a ChatGPT-like tool, to improve its AppleCare Support system ahead of the iOS 18 release. This AI feature allows advisors to quickly generate responses to technical questions by accessing Apple's internal support database. Ask simplifies the support process, providing advisors with fast solutions without the need for extensive searches. Although currently limited to a few advisors, Apple intends to expand its use, expecting improved AppleCare support through the integration of generative AI.

Image source: apple

Image source: apple

AI Shakes Up Belarusian Elections: Meet Yas Gaspadar

In a bold move, Belarus's opposition throws its weight behind Yas Gaspadar, an AI chatbot, as a symbolic candidate for the parliamentary elections. Despite not being formally nominated, Gaspadar represents a powerful statement against the entrenched regime, advocating for political reform and addressing taboo topics. This unconventional approach underscores the growing influence of technology in reshaping political landscapes globally.

Yas Gaspadar. Source: storage.googleapis.com

Modernize your marketing with AdQuick

AdQuick unlocks the benefits of Out Of Home (OOH) advertising in a way no one else has. Approaching the problem with eyes to performance, created for marketers with the engineering excellence you’ve come to expect for the internet.

Marketers agree OOH is one of the best ways for building brand awareness, reaching new customers, and reinforcing your brand message. It’s just been difficult to scale. But with AdQuick, you can easily plan, deploy and measure campaigns just as easily as digital ads, making them a no-brainer to add to your team’s toolbox.


Get started with Help me write in Chrome

You can get writing suggestions when you write or refine existing text in open text fields on the web with Help me write. It can help you with short-form content like reviews or surveys.


To use this feature, make sure that you:

  • Are located in the US and at least 18 years old

  • Have English as the language of your Chrome browser. Learn how to change Chrome languages

  • Are signed in to your Google Account

  • Turn on Make searches and browsing better

  • Turn on Experimental AI

This feature is only available in English, and on Windows, Mac, and Linux at this time.

Turn on Experimental AI

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.

  2. Select More :  Settings > Experimental AI.

  3. Turn on Try out experimental AI features > Help me write.

  4. Select Relaunch.

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FDA Approves AI for Bleeding Stroke Detection

Image created with DALL·E 3

Viz.ai's latest FDA-approved AI model, Viz ICH Plus, revolutionizes the detection and quantification of intracranial hemorrhages (ICH), commonly known as "bleeding strokes." This advanced algorithm swiftly identifies, labels, and measures brain bleeds in noncontrast CT images, empowering healthcare professionals with immediate volume measurements to guide timely and informed treatment decisions.

GPT-4 Outperforms Eye Doctors in Diagnosing Glaucoma and Retinal Disease

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In a groundbreaking study, the GPT-4 AI system from OpenAI has shown remarkable prowess, matching and even surpassing human ophthalmologists in diagnosing glaucoma and retinal disease. Led by Dr. Louis Pasquale and Dr. Andy Huang, researchers found that AI's accuracy and thoroughness in diagnosing these conditions rivaled that of experienced eye specialists.

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