Google's AI for Low Vision

PLUS: AI Tailoring Education

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Podcast Episode 19

Delivering Personalized Education Using AI With Dr. Rael Futerman

The education landscape is transforming, with AI leading the charge. In episode 19 of "Unlocking the AI Advantage," host Ramesh Dontha explores the future of learning with Dr. Rael Futerman, co-founder of CARTEDO. This pioneering online platform is reshaping education.

 This episode ignites a thought-provoking discussion on:

  • Challenges and Solutions: Discusses current educational hurdles and how AI can bridge these gaps.

  • AI-Powered Learning: Explores how AI personalizes learning experiences for each student.

  • The Impact of Technology: Analyzes the rise of EdTech and CARTEDO's role in revolutionizing remote learning.

  • AI and Student Engagement: Examines strategies to spark student motivation through AI.

  • The Future of Education: Delves into the potential of AI to empower educators and address emerging trends.

Listen and Learn More

Tune in to the full episode to discover how CARTEDO revolutionized remote learning using AI

Connect with Dr. Rael Futerman:


UNESCO Highlights AI's Role in Transforming Education

AI is rapidly being integrated into education systems globally, offering immense opportunities to enhance learning. However, the swift deployment comes with risks due to the lack of regulatory frameworks. Stefania Giannini of UNESCO discusses the implications, emphasizing the need for a human-centered approach.

Image created with DALL·E 3

Key Insights:

  • Students and teachers use AI for various tasks, including writing and programming.

  • Adoption of AI in education varies widely between countries due to differing levels of technology infrastructure and funding.

  • Important to protect privacy, ensure data security, and avoid manipulation of students.

  • AI should complement human teaching, helping prepare students for the future while keeping educators in control.

Read UNESCO’S article here (link)

Claude's Tool Kit Just Got a Major Upgrade

Claude's API has just received a significant update, giving developers more control and flexibility in defining how Claude uses tools. This update includes features like streaming, which reduces wait times for end-users, forced tool use, which allows developers to instruct Claude to select the appropriate tool in various scenarios, and vision, which enables tools to work with images.


  • Build more engaging, human-like interactions by reducing perceived and actual wait times for end-users.

  • Instruct Claude to reliably select the appropriate tool in various scenarios, including whether to use any tool, use a specific tool you define, or leave it up to Claude whether or not to use a tool.

  • Tools now work with images, allowing developers to instruct Claude to consistently follow a predefined format when working with images.

Google's AI for Low Vision

Google is marking Global Accessibility Awareness Day with new features, including a major update to Android's Lookout app, which now uses AI to detect seven object categories for those with low vision. The Look to Speak app is also getting a text-free mode, and Project Gameface will allow device control via head movements and facial gestures.


  • Detects seven categories of objects, including seating, bathrooms, and more, using AI, and provides direction and distance to the item.

  • Allows people to communicate using prewritten phrases, with a new text-free mode for those with cognitive differences, literacy challenges, and language barriers.

  • Enables people to control their device with head movements and facial gestures, expanding from PC to Android.

AI Event

Canva Create 2024

  • May 23, 2024.

  • Hollywood Park, Los Angeles, California (1011 Stadium Dr, Inglewood, CA 90305, USA).

The main themes of Canva Create 2024 revolve around creativitycollaboration, and innovation.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2024

  • Virtual, June 10 -14, 2024

  • Special Event : June 10 , 2024 Apple Park, Cupertino ,CA

Apple's biggest event of the year is free for all devs! Learn about the latest OS updates, meet Apple experts, and discover new tools to level up your apps and games!

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