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Brace for Impact: AI's Reasoning Revolution Is Nigh

OpenAI and Meta are on the brink of unveiling their next-generation artificial intelligence models, equipped with unprecedented reasoning capabilities. These advancements promise to elevate AI from simple task execution to complex problem-solving and multi-step planning. Joelle Pineau of Meta and Brad Lightcap of OpenAI have both hinted at significant breakthroughs in AI's ability to think, remember, and strategize, marking a pivotal moment in AI development.

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Next-Level Intelligence: The upcoming models, including OpenAI's anticipated GPT-5, aim to handle intricate tasks like full trip planning.

Industry-wide Race: Alongside OpenAI and Meta, giants like Google and Anthropic are pushing the boundaries of large language model capabilities.

Broader Applications: With the launch of models like Llama 3, AI's integration into everyday apps and devices will become more seamless and versatile.

Gemini 1.5 Pro: Hear the Future of AI

Google Labs has just announced the global availability of Gemini 1.5 Pro, marking a significant leap forward in AI technology. Available in over 180 countries, this advanced model introduces native audio understanding, an innovative File API, and enhancements such as system instructions and JSON mode, aiming to revolutionize how developers interact with AI. The launch also includes a cutting-edge text embedding model that promises superior performance, making Gemini 1.5 Pro a trailblazer in its field.

Source: blog.google.com

Developers worldwide can now explore the vast potential of Gemini 1.5 Pro, thanks to its public preview via the Gemini API. This release is designed to empower the community to build, debug, and learn with features that were previously unthinkable.

Highlights include:

Native audio understanding and video analysis, extending Gemini's capabilities to include audio and image frames for comprehensive multimedia processing.

System Instructions and JSON Mode, offering developers unprecedented control over the AI's output, ensuring results are tailored to specific needs.

An enhanced embedding model, which sets new benchmarks in performance, outperforming comparable models on the MTEB benchmarks.

AI-Driven Photo Perfection: Available Everywhere, for Everyone

Google Photos is set to transform digital photography for users worldwide with its latest update. From May 15, groundbreaking AI-powered editing tools, previously exclusive, will now be free for all users. These features, including the much-acclaimed Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and Portrait Light, will be accessible on a wider range of devices, including Pixel tablets. Additionally, the advanced Magic Editor feature, known for its generative AI capabilities enabling complex edits like repositioning subjects or changing skies, will expand to all Pixel devices with limited monthly uses for non-Pixel or non-Premium Google One users.

Source: blog.google.com

Broad Access: Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and Portrait Light available for free.

Magic Editor Expansion: Now on all Pixel devices, with 10 free monthly saves for everyone.

Enhanced Creativity: Turn photos from ordinary to extraordinary with simple taps.

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Create Cinematic AI Videos For FREE with Haiper AI

Haiper AI is a FREE Runway alternative. You can use it to create videos from text and images. The generated videos are of 2 seconds which can further be repainted and edited.

Step 1: Go to Haiper AI and click on “Try for FREE”

Step 2: Enter your prompt and click “Enter”, your request will go into a queue, wait for a minute or so to generate the video

Step 3: Generated video has several options on top, choose “Vary prompt” and add your variation and generate again. For eg, the above video is a mix of 2 videos, 1. Ghibli style rain in forest, 2. Ghibli style forest, no rain. Combine the 2 videos in Canva.

Here’s another text to video generated with the prompt: Dolphins swimming under water, sun shining on water

Use it to repaint videos, wherein you can change the characteristics of the video, for example the camel’s body changed to whitish. Or use it to change your images to videos like the fierce eagle on a windy day.


Image to Video


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Beyond the Headlines

AI Takes the Red Pen

Texas is trailblazing the future of education with the introduction of an artificial intelligence-powered scoring system, set to transform the way state-mandated exams are graded. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is leveraging natural language processing technology to assess open-ended responses on the STAAR exams, aiming to significantly reduce grading costs by saving $15 to $20 million annually. This shift to AI grading is expected to streamline the evaluation process, despite raising questions among educators regarding its accuracy and reliability.

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  • TEA anticipates annual savings of up to $20 million with its AI grading system.

  • A portion of AI-graded exams will still undergo human review to ensure accuracy.

  • Texas sets a new precedent in integrating AI for educational assessment.

Meta Muscles Up with New AI Chip to Cut Nvidia Reliance

Meta unveils its next-gen AI chip, the MTIA, to power ranking and recommendations on Facebook and Instagram. This move aims to lessen reliance on Nvidia chips for Meta's ever-growing AI needs.

Source: ai.meta.com

  • Meta invests heavily in AI, spending $35 billion on infrastructure in 2024.

  • New chip designed to reduce dependence on expensive Nvidia hardware.

  • Tech giants increasingly developing custom chips to wean off Nvidia.


MAY 14, 2024: GOOGLE I/O

Google I/O 2024 is an annual developer conference where Google unveils its latest innovations, showcases cutting-edge technologies, and provides developers with insights into the future of Google products and services. It is a highly anticipated event that brings together developers, tech enthusiasts, and industry leaders for a deep dive into the world of Google.

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