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Create AI agents with GPT Builder

OpenAI has created custom GPTs that enable people to create their own AI agents. With the help of Actions and Zapier, you can automate tasks across a wide range of apps.

Check out this tutorial to learn how to add actions to your custom GPTs.

Get started

Copy this special URL to your clipboard:

  1. Click Configure to see settings of your GPT.

  2. Name your GPT, scroll down.

  3. Click Add actions.

  4. Click Import from URL and paste the special URL above into the https://... box.

  5. Click Import.

  6. You will see a bunch of text appear in the box. At the top right, click Save.

You have added Zapier AI Actions to your GPT! Now, you just need to give some instructions to the GPT on how to use Zapier AI Actions.

What are actions?

Actions allow you to connect custom GPTs to an external app using an API. Actions can create AI agents.

Create Actions

To get started, go to https://actions.zapier.com/gpt/start.

If you don't have a Zapier account yet, you can sign up for a free trial.

After signing in, you will be directed to the page. Simply click on Add and link your GPTs to various platforms like Gmail, Docs, and Slack.

Configure Zap

To ensure the accounts are linked, for the demonstration, Zapier connects to the Slack account.

Keep the remaining options as "Have AI guess a value for this field" but remember to click on "show all" and provide a name.

Add Zapier Instructions

Now, return to our GPT instructions and paste the rules from https://actions.zapier.com/gpt/start. under your custom GPT instructions.

Edit Actions

Paste the action name and confirmation link.

The action name should be the same as what we named it in “Configure Zap” section. The confirmation link should be the URL for your Zap.

Update, and start testing!

Save your GPT. Now, you have to check if your GPT is set up correctly. It may require a restart to begin because it needs to verify your Zapier account. Once verified, you have successfully linked actions!

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How to generate images with Dall-E 3 for free and share prompt templates.

Launch Microsoft Designer. Look for Image Creator feature within Designer.

Enter the prompt you want to generate image for.

Try using this prompt:

Prompt: "A coffee bag, the package is dark blue with a classic look, with a picture of tiger on it saying TIGER coffee on it."

Click “Share” to customize your prompt variable fields. Edit the custom field to a general category and click “Next”.

The prompt template is ready to share.

Try for yourself.

Prompt: "A coffee bag, the package is dark blue with a classic look, with a picture of [animal] on it saying [ANIMAL] coffee on it.


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