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Sanctuary AI & Microsoft: Partnering on humanoid robots

Sanctuary AI has joined forces with Microsoft to develop AI models for its general-purpose humanoid robots, including the Phoenix™ series. This partnership will utilize Microsoft's Azure cloud resources to push the boundaries of AI research and development.

Source: sanctuary.ai

Key Features:

  • Expanding on Large Language Models to develop "Large Behavior Models" which help robots interact with the physical world.

  • Leveraging Azure for essential AI tasks such as training, inference, and data storage.

  • Utilizing Carbon™, an AI system enabling complex task execution in robots.

Claude AI in Your Pocket & Powering Teams

Anthropic's AI assistant Claude is on the move! A new iOS app lets you access Claude's capabilities from anywhere. The app even lets you upload photos for real-time image analysis. But Claude isn't just for individuals anymore. A new Team plan allows entire teams to collaborate with Claude on complex tasks, with features like access to a wider range of AI models and centralized admin tools.

Source: apps.apple.com/us/app/claude/id6473753684

Key Takeways:

  • Claude iOS app: Access Claude, brainstorm ideas, and analyze images on the go.

  • Claude Team Plan: Collaborate with Claude on deep work, research, and complex tasks.

  • Team plan features: Increased usage per user, access to advanced AI models, admin tools & more.

AI’s Milestone: Abu Dhabi’s $2.25M Driverless Race

The Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League (A2RL) recently hosted a groundbreaking event at Yas Marina Circuit, featuring driverless Dallara Super Formula cars. Eight university teams developed autonomous AI software to power these high-speed vehicles, marking a new era in competitive motorsport.

Image created with DALL·E 3

Key Technological Features:

  • Each vehicle was equipped with cameras, radar, lidar, GPS, and an inertial measurement unit.

  • The cars navigated the track independently, without any human intervention.

  • The event demonstrated the AI's ability to process complex real-time data, highlighting significant advances in autonomous vehicle technology.

Google Urges U.S. Immigration Policy Reform for AI Talent

Google has requested that the U.S. Department of Labor modernize immigration policies, particularly Schedule A, to better accommodate the hiring needs for AI and cybersecurity talent. This list, which expedites green card processing for pre-certified occupations, has not been updated in 20 years.

Source: businessinsider.com / Getty Images

Key Points:

  • Google advocates for regular updates to Schedule A, using diverse data and public feedback, to reflect the true demand for tech roles.

  • Strict policies cause delays and potential loss of talent, hindering AI development in the U.S. The company suggests these changes are crucial to maintaining America's competitive edge in technology.

Want to get the most out of ChatGPT?

Revolutionize your workday with the power of ChatGPT! Dive into HubSpot’s guide to discover how AI can elevate your productivity and creativity. Learn to automate tasks, enhance decision-making, and foster innovation, all through the capabilities of ChatGPT.

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We generated this site under 5 minutes using AI!

Imagine creating a website in minutes! Dora AI makes it possible with its powerful AI technology. Simply provide a text description of your vision, and Dora will generate a stunning website tailored to your needs. We challenged Dora to create a black and neon green trekking shoe website, and it did not disappoint!

Step 1: Login on Dora AI and enter your prompt

Step 2: Either describe your style elements or use from presets

Step 3: Once done, click on “Generate 4 previews” and it will generate 4 options for you, choose one and you’re done!

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AI Travel Concierge: Mindtrip Plans Your Dream Vacation with a Chat

Forget endless browser tabs and itinerary overload. Mindtrip, a new AI-powered platform, wants to be your one-stop shop for trip planning - all through a friendly chat.

This Silicon Valley startup leverages large language models (think fancy chatbots) to create a personalized and interactive travel experience. Just tell Mindtrip where you want to go (or if you need some inspiration!), and its AI assistant will whip up recommendations, answer your questions, and even build a detailed itinerary. All within a single conversation!

Source: mindtrip.ai

Here's what sets Mindtrip apart:

  • Skip googling. Chat with Mindtrip like a friend, asking about food, hiking trails, or cultural hotspots. AI listens and tailors suggestions to your interests.

  • Mindtrip shows pictures, maps, and detailed information about any place you mention. No need to switch apps.

  • With Mindtrip, you can view photos, book activities, and make reservations all in one platform. No more switching between sites!

Mindtrip isn't just for travelers. They plan to offer their tools to the travel industry too, helping businesses like airlines and hotels tap into the power of AI-powered customer service.

Mindtrip believes its AI-first approach and travel expertise will give them an edge against tech giants. As AI revolutionizes travel planning, Mindtrip aims to lead the chat-based concierge revolution. Will it become your go-to travel buddy? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure: packing your bags has never been easier.

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