🔎ElevenLabs is developing a groundbreaking AI-powered dubbing tool.

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How to talk to an LLM (with your voice)

Want to wire up real-time audio and video streams bidirectionally to AI tools and services? We've done the work.

We built a fun demo on top of our daily-python SDK of an LLM that tells you a choose-your-own-adventure story alongside DALL-E generative art. Play with it now and talk with the LLM to generate a story!

Some lessons we've learned:

  • Run everything in the cloud (if you can afford to).

  • Don’t use web sockets for audio or video transport (if you can avoid them).

  • Squeeze every bit of latency you can out of your data flow (because users don’t like to wait)

Read more about the development process and the architecture behind the demo in this fantastic blog post 


Tweet Hunter is the all-in-one, AI-powered tool to grow your audience on Twitter X and attract more business opportunities.

Over 6000 Twitter X creators trust Tweet Hunter to handle their Twitter needs: content creation, automation, advanced scheduling, analytics, and more. Whether you are struggling with creating content on a regular basis, increasing your reach or building valuable relationships with other people on X, Tweet Hunter has what you’re looking for.

The best part? You can start using it for free and they have a 30-day refund policy on all payments.


Images generated on Adobe Firefly

6 AI Tools for Solopreneurs to Master Online Engagement: Scale Your Digital Presence🚀

  1. MeetGeek: An AI assistant that records, transcribes, and summarizes meetings for improved team collaboration.

  1. Notion AI: A generative tool that helps with note summarization, identifies action points from meetings, and eases text creation.

  1. Adcreative AI: Quickly generates high-converting ads and social media posts using AI.

  1. Hostinger AI Website Builder: An AI-driven platform that crafts personalized website templates based on your brand description.

  1. Recall: A tool to summarize and categorize online content like videos, articles, and podcasts.

  1. Beautiful AI: Generative AI presentation software that turns basic slides into engaging visuals.