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💡AI News of the Week

  • Is ChatGPT now replacing teachers? Harvard is planning to deploy a ChatGPT-like bot as an instructor in Computer Science (Link)

  • After Bard, Google’s DeepMind hopes Gemini will truly surpass ChatGPT (Link)

  • WhatsApp will soon let businesses send you personalized messages (Link)

  • AI may someday work medical miracles. For now, it helps do paperwork (Link)

  • Generative AI to wearable plant sensors: New report lists top 10 emerging tech of 2023 (Link)

⚙️ Trending AI Tools

  • Aftershoot is a photo culling and editing tool powered by AI. It allows users to quickly and easily select, cull, and edit photos.

  • Instabot is an easy-to-use chatbot builder that helps businesses design and orchestrate lead generation, lead qualification, booking, and custom engagement activities.

  • GoCharlie is an AI-powered content creation tool that helps you create high-quality images, influencer posts, ads, and blogs for your business.

  • Personal AI enables you to have insightful conversations with clients, potential customers, and co-workers.

  • Truewind is an AI-powered bookkeeping and finance tool for startups, aimed at reducing errors and increasing transparency for faster month-end closings.

  • Raizer is an AI tool that helps startups find and reach relevant investors by crafting hyper-specific messages using public data.

  • is a fast and free tool for creating landing pages in just 15 minutes. It offers templates based on market examples and real data to assess the validity of your idea.

💪 AI tutorials you must see

  • Discover the transformative power of AI GPT Sheets for SEO in this tutorial. It provides essential skills such as creating an AI-based SEO meta tag generator, producing compelling titles and descriptions, and understanding keyword search intent, all aimed at enhancing your SEO strategy. Check here.

  • Immerse yourself in the world of AI video generation with this comprehensive tutorial on Kaiber AI. This guide provides a thorough understanding of everything from effective prompting, to using image references, and video transitions, along with an array of tips catered to users at both beginner and advanced levels. Check here.

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    Here are 7 smart ways for programmers to save hours of work (using ChatGPT)….Check here.

  • Tweet by @heyBarsee

    “....AI is a game-changer for marketing. I just made this promo video using AI in a few seconds.Check here.

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