Over 100K ChatGPT accounts breached! 🔓

Marvel faces huge backlash over the use of AI.

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💼 AI startups you must checkout

  • Patients who feel they aren't getting the care they need will welcome Viz.ai and its AI-powered approach. The platform will allow multi-disciplinary teams to coordinate and connect health professionals with specialists to bring patients the help they need.

    Location: San Francisco, Calfornia

    Founders: Chris Mansi, David Golan, Manoj Ramachandran

    Founded In: 2016

    Funding: Series D, $251.6 Million

    Investors Include: Susa Ventures, Scale Venture Partners

  • Instead of integrating AI into a business model or idea, H20.ai takes things further and makes AI their entire mission. They are a visionary leader in democratizing AI who started as a group of individuals in the open source community who believed access and creation of AI should be available to all.

    Location: Mountain View, California

    Founders: Cliff Click, Sri Satish Ambati

    Founded In: 2012

    Funding: Series E, $251.1 Million

    Investors Include: Goldman Sachs, Crane Venture Partners

  • Looking to become the next great search engine, You.com allows users to search for anything they need with greater security from tracking cookies and ads. The layouts are also unique in that users can scroll both horizontally and vertically in search results so they can access more results in less time.

    Location: Palo Alto, California

    Founders: Bryan McCann, Richard Socher

    Founded In: 2020

    Funding: Series A, $45 Million

    Investors Include: Norwest Venture Partners, Breyer Capital

  • Simple and to the point, AssemblyAI is a transcription product that uses an AI API to convert audio and video files to text. The company works closely with developers who can integrate the API into several use cases like summarization, content moderation, topic detection, and more.

    Location: San Francisco, California

    Founders: Dylan Fox

    Founded In: 2017

    Funding: Series B, $63.1 Million

    Investors Include: Insight Partners, Y Combinator

💡AI News of the Week

  • Over 100K ChatGPT accounts hacked (Link)

  • AWS is investing $100 million in generative AI center in the race to keep up with Microsoft and Google (Link)

  • Ant Group confirms it is working on its own AI large language model (Link)

  • US-based generative AI job postings up 20% in May (Link)

  • Marvel faces backlash over AI-generated opening credits (Link)

⚙️ Tools to supercharge your business

  • Brand24 is a powerful AI social media monitoring tool with which brands can keep track of positive and negative feedback about the company in real-time.

  • Manychat has proven itself a prominent fixture in the world of AI chatbots. It’s easy to use and cleverly designed for sales and marketing.

  • Customers.ai is a multi-platform chatbot creator that enables businesses to easily manage their marketing chat content with ease. It has a Unified Chat Inbox including a toolbox of integrations for easy scaling of any campaign.

  • DeepL is a powerful AI tool that translates documents and files into several popular languages of your choosing. If you’re a business serving a global market, it’s beneficial to offer accurate translations of your marketing content or copy.

  • RebeccAi is an AI-powered idea evaluation tool designed to fast-track the process of evaluating, assessing, and improving business ideas.

  • Astria is the AI Singularity for Enterprise that provides an AI assistant for each team member to automate operations and enhance efficiency in the enterprise.

  • Workhub is an AI-driven team success platform that enables seamless communication, collaboration, and celebration for on-site and remote teams.

  • Pitches.ai is an AI-powered tool that helps simplify and improve startup pitch decks by enhancing clarity, structure, and overall impact with a compelling narrative.

💪 Start leveling up with these tutorials

  • Unleash the power of Notion AI in this tutorial to supercharge your workspace. Enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and explore the incredible world of Notion AI. Boost your efficiency in 2023 and beyond. Let's dive in! Check here.

  • Not a tutorial, but here’s a video for your daily dose of NEW and MUST TRY AI tools Check here.

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  • Tweet by @aaditsh

“...AI can now instantly generate animated captions (with emojis) for your videos….Check here.

  • Tweet by @TheRundownAI

“....Big weekend in the world AI: Meta Voicebox ChatGPT free Windows 10 China’s President welcomes AI Filipino kids catch a thief using AI Here’s the rundown on everything you need to know:Check here

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