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⚡The Barry Hott Ugly Ads Edition which revealed the science of getting past people’s subconscious ad blockers.

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Plus, we’ve covered things like how HexClad's Head of Growth Connor Rolain runs his creative strategy flywheel, how to properly back into a MER goal, contribution margin tutorials, and advanced ad analysis techniques. 

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Meta's AI Roundup: Pioneering Advances for Tomorrow

Meta's AI researchers in 2023 are pushing boundaries and unveiling advancements that promise to reshape our interaction with technology. Here's a snapshot of the innovations steering us towards a smarter future.

SAM (Segment Anything):

Effortlessly identify and segment any object within images, sans additional training.

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Revolutionizing computer vision with self-supervised learning that rivals or surpasses the current best practices.

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Llama 2:

A leap forward in large language models, now freely accessible for both research and commercial endeavors.

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Emu Video & Emu Edit:

High-quality, diffusion-based text-to-video generation and precise image editing guided by textual input.

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A visionary self-supervised computer vision model that predicts the world around it, drawing inspiration from Yann LeCun's pioneering concepts.

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Groundbreaking audio generation research model, setting the new foundation for sonic creation.

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Brain Decoding:

A cutting-edge system offering real-time reconstruction of visual perception from brain signals.

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Open Catalyst:

Accelerating material science research by simulating catalyst reactivity more rapidly than ever before.

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Seamless Communication:

AI-driven translation models that maintain expression and enable almost instantaneous streaming translations.

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The first-ever AI to combine data across six modalities, closely emulating the human ability to synthesize information from various sense.

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AI News

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LA's Revolutionary AI-Powered Restaurant

Los Angeles heralds a new era in dining with the opening of the world's first AI-powered restaurant, CaliExpress by Flippy. This innovative eatery in Pasadena is redefining fast food with robotic chefs handling everything from grinding wagyu beef for mouthwatering burgers to frying golden, crispy potatoes.

  • AI at the Helm: Self-ordering kiosks and robotic cooks streamline the dining experience.

  • Simplicity Meets Tech: A select menu ensures quality and efficiency, powered by advanced AI.

  • Educational Hotspot: CaliExpress encourages community learning with a setup akin to a tech museum.

  • Taste of Tomorrow: The blend of robotics and biometric technology promises a consistent, high-quality culinary journey.

Microsoft Edge Leads the New 'AI Browser' Era

Microsoft Edge is stepping up its game, boldly rebranding as the “Microsoft Edge: AI Browser” on mobile platforms. In a world where AI integration is fast becoming the norm, Microsoft's move signifies a new era where browsing is not just about surfing the web but interacting with it on an intelligent level. Here's what's unfolding in the latest tech renaissance:

  • AI at Your Fingertips: Microsoft Edge's mobile version is now branded as an "AI Browser" on Google Play Store and Apple's App Store, showcasing its cutting-edge AI capabilities.

  • Bing AI Integration: With Bing AI embedded, Edge offers enhanced browsing with GPT-4 and Copilot chatbot features.

  • DALL-E 3 Image Generation: Edge is incorporating OpenAI's DALL-E 3 image generation, enabling visual exploration in your browser.

  • Copilot Goes Mobile: Microsoft's Copilot app extends AI capabilities to mobile devices, enabling email drafting and content generation.

California Leads in AI Education

AI is revolutionizing the world, and schools must adapt. California is leading the way by providing policy guidance for K-12 schools on AI platforms like ChatGPT. Oregon is the only other state to have issued similar guidance.

The guidance helps schools:

  • Use AI to enhance learning and address risks

  • Prepare students for the future with AI skills and access to STEM fields.

  • Follow “5 Big Ideas in AI” and computer science standards

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