🦉 Can AI chatbots really start teaching in primary schools?

Hi! Hope you’re having a great week. We’re back with a brand new set of AI updates and resources to make your week more exciting!

Also to keep ourselves motivated, we have come up with unique AI prompts to set up daily goals which we wanted to share with you! Keep on reading to get quick access to them. 😃

Here is a quick rundown of what you’ll read today:

  • 100 AI prompts

  • 5 AI news articles

  • 7 AI tools

  • 2 AI tutorials

  • 2 Twitter threads for AI entrepreneurs

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AI Prompts

Here are the prompts to set up daily goals.

  • What are some strategies for [managing/improving/optimizing] [my/your] time and energy to ensure [successful/effective/efficient] completion of daily goals?

  • What are some strategies for [balancing/prioritizing/aligning] [my/your] daily goals with [long-term goals/work-life balance/personal well-being]?

  • How can [I/you] use [effective tracking tools/systems/accountability measures] to [monitor/evaluate/assess] [my/your] progress towards [my/your] daily goals?

💡AI News of the Week

  • It’s only a matter of time before AI chatbots are teaching in primary schools (Link)

  • All the ways ChatGPT can help you land a job (Link)

  • The AI vs robots race: How robots can perform multiple tasks like human beings (Link)

  • Our early-adopters index examines how corporate America is deploying AI (Link)

  • Fortune 500 companies are using AI to screen candidates (Link)

⚙️Tools to supercharge your business

  • Timely is a calendar app that uses AI to help you manage your time more effectively.

  • Simple Phones is an AI tool that helps with customer service needs. It uses Google Text-to-Speech technology to create your AI agent.

  • TurnCage Ai empowers small and midsize businesses, solopreneurs, and creatives to create beautiful websites and content in minutes.

  • Intellibase is an AI-driven user feedback analysis tool that helps businesses to elevate their product strategy.

  • UKit AI is an AI tool that helps to upgrade websites by implementing best practices and fixing typical mistakes within 10 minutes.

  • Faraday is a customer prediction platform that helps your business grow faster with the power of AI.

  • Vidboard.ai is an AI-powered video creation tool that allows users to create custom product videos.

💪 Start leveling up with these tutorials

  • This video focuses on harnessing the potential of ChatGPT to boost your monthly lead generation. A comprehensive, step-by-step guide, featuring four key questions you should be asking ChatGPT to obtain tailored strategies to enhance your business. Check here.

  • Presenting a revolutionary AI-based SEO content tool, designed to optimize and streamline content creation. With just a few keywords, the tool utilizes the advanced GPT Sheet technology to deliver high-quality, tailored content, enhancing search engine rankings and saving significant time and effort. Check here.

👀Eye-catchy Tweets

  • Tweet by @itsPaulAi

    “...Google has just integrated AI directly into Docs. It's like having ChatGPT integrated directly into your document.….Check here.

  • Tweet by @aisolopreneur

    “....Rows AI outcompetes Excel in every imaginable area. Here's how to use it (for FREE):Check here.

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