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AI: Catalyst for climate revolution

Image generated using Microsoft Copilot

AI's application in climate change mitigation and adaptation is diverse and impactful. Here are some groundbreaking instances:

Forecasting and modeling: using AI to predict and understand climate impacts and solutions.

ClimateAi: A startup that uses AI to analyze climate, water, and soil data for agriculture. It helped tomato farmers in India cope with heat and drought.

Optimizing and reducing energy use: using AI to improve and manage renewable energy sources and energy consumption.

Woodwell Climate Research Center: A center that uses AI to predict the thawing of the Arctic permafrost, which holds a lot of carbon that could worsen climate change.

Restoring and protecting ecosystems: using AI to conserve and restore natural habitats and biodiversity.

Google DeepMind: A company that uses AI to predict wind power availability and balance the supply and demand of renewable energy.

AI in News

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Microsoft’s Copilot, smartest AI assistant yet

This powerful tool integrates the latest advancements in AI, including Copilot, Dall-E 3, and GPT-4, offering a suite of capabilities to enhance your digital experience.

1. Seamless access to Copilot:

Edge Copilot is readily accessible on various platforms, making it a versatile tool for everyone.

Here’s how to get started: Copilot (microsoft.com)

2. Creativity with Dall-E 3

Start with "Create an image:" followed by your imaginative prompt.

For example, use the Prompt: "Create an image of a futuristic office room."

Dall-E 3’s capability to modify existing images further enhances its utility, offering endless possibilities for creativity and design.

3. Experience GPT-4 for free

By selecting the "Creative" mode, leverage GPT-4's immense knowledge base and sophisticated language understanding to generate responses, write content, or answer queries with unparalleled accuracy.

4. Efficient web page summarization and explanation

To use this feature, simply navigate to the desired web page, click the Copilot icon, and prompt, "Summarize this page in 5 bullet points, explain technical terms simply."

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Use ChatGPT to make tables and charts.

Create a basic table

Let's begin with an example. In this demonstration, we will focus on the five most populated cities.

List the top five urban areas in the world by land area. Include country.

I asked this question to ChatGPT's free version and here's what I got back:

Turning that data into a customizable table is simple. Just tell ChatGPT you want in that table:

Make a table of the top five cities in the world by land area. Include country and an area field. Display the fields in the order of rank, country, city, area.

Customize the table

Make a pie chart of the top five urban areas in the world by land area in neon bright


Make a bar chart of the top five urban areas in the world by land


Click the upload button to upload a dataset. Then, use Advanced Data Analytics' superpowers to create personalized graphs and charts. The dataset from Data.gov on New York City air quality surveillance data in .csv format was uploaded here for demonstration.

This is the fun part…

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