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AI: Catalyst for Climate Revolution

Tech giants from Microsoft and Google will reveal the role of AI in the climate change battle and its ethical dimensions in COP28 UAE. Discover how these influential organizations are leading the way in innovative and ethical solutions, using AI to tackle environmental challenges and promote sustainability. Gain unique insights for a sustainable and responsible future.

Chat with your enterprise databases using secure generative AI and empower business users in your team to do their own data analyses in seconds.


Forward Health Unveils AI-Powered CarePods

Forward Health's groundbreaking CarePods are redefining healthcare. These AI-powered medical stations, developed by CEO Adrian Aoun, offer comprehensive health services like blood tests and blood pressure checks, all without human medical staff.

Aimed at increasing healthcare accessibility and efficiency, CarePods symbolize a significant advance in medical technology.

  • Tech-Driven Healthcare: Equipped with touchscreens, body scanners, and AI-guided diagnostics, CarePods offer a range of health checks, remotely monitored by doctors.

  • Accessible and Affordable: At $99/month, users gain access to all CarePod features, championing a more scalable and economical healthcare model.

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The Growth GuideHow to grow your 𝕏-account, become a Content Creator and monetise
Do you have a great idea for a mobile app, website, or UI, but don’t have the design skills or time to bring it to life?

Introducing Uizard: The world’s easiest-to-use design and ideation tool - powered by AI

With Uizard, you can:
  • Generate mockups quickly by using text prompts, app or website screenshots, and easily dragging and dropping UI components.

  • Easily go from idea to prototype, share and collaborate with your team and clients in real-time.

  • Use Uizard's AI technology to design faster and more intuitively, no design experience needed.

How to use Uizard:

“Sign Up” or “Get Started” on Uizard website.

Explore and familiarize with the different features mentioned, such as Autodesigner, Screenshot Scanner, Text Assistant, Easy-to-Use Editor, and Real-time Collaboration.

To create designs, start by utilizing the "Easy-to-Use Editor" to input text or upload screenshots.

Use the "Autodesigner" feature to automatically generate visuals or mockups based on the text input or screenshots.

Once the mockups are generated, explore the customization options to tailor them to your specific design needs.

Try the idea : An App to discover Vegan Food

Navigate to the "Real-time Collaboration" feature to work with your team simultaneously on projects, make edits, share feedback, and see changes in real time

Start creating now!

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DIY: Create Your Talking AI Avatar

Step 1: Character Creation: Sign Up for Midjourney AI or any free tool like Bing Image Creator.This platform is key to crafting your character's visual appearance. Spend time here to ensure your avatar truly represents the character you envision.

Try the Prompt: "Bright white background, photo realistic Santa Claus sitting behind the desk with a computer."

Images created using Midjourney

Step 2: Script Writing: Use ChatGPT to write compelling scripts. This tool helps you develop engaging dialogue that will give your avatar a unique voice and personality

Try the Prompt: "You will talk as an AI Avatar who will be presenter on YouTube channel called The Santa Claus Express. Your name is Santa Claus. Write a script of  your first video, where you will be teaching people how to create their own avatar for free."


Step 3: Voice Over: Next, visit:

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