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AI News

  • OpenAI

OpenAI Acquires Multi, a Collaboration Tool for Software Engineering Teams

OpenAI has acquired Multi, a startup specializing in advanced screensharing and collaboration tools for software engineering teams. Multi offers features like shared cursors and simultaneous screensharing for up to 10 people. This acquisition suggests significant enhancements could be coming to OpenAI's AI systems.

Source: multi.app

Key Features:

  • Advanced screensharing designed for software engineering teams

  • Shared cursors for seamless collaboration

  • Simultaneous screensharing with up to 10 participants

  • Potential integration with ChatGPT desktop app for features like screen drawing and code editing

Implications: This acquisition could lead to AI systems with enhanced collaboration and remote management capabilities, potentially allowing AI to take on more interactive roles in desktop environments. While this opens up exciting possibilities, it also raises concerns about security and privacy.

  • Apple & Meta

Apple and Meta Reportedly in Talks for AI Integration in iOS 18

Apple and Meta, two tech giants with a history of rivalry, are reportedly discussing a partnership to integrate Meta's generative AI models into Apple's upcoming iOS 18. This potential collaboration could signal a significant shift in their relationship, which has been marked by clashes over privacy and app store policies.

Image source: DALL_E 3

The Details:

  • Apple is exploring partnerships with Meta, Perplexity, and Anthropic for its new Apple Intelligence system.

  • The collaboration discussions are notable due to the companies' historic privacy and policy differences.

  • The potential agreement includes offering premium AI subscriptions via Apple devices, with Apple taking a revenue share.

  • Craig Federighi hinted at WWDC about Apple's plans to integrate multiple AI options for users.

Why It Matters:This potential partnership marks a significant change for these long-time rivals. The AI boom might be the catalyst for a new era of collaboration in the tech industry. For Apple, incorporating a variety of AI models ensures users have the best tools at their disposal. For Meta, it represents a massive new distribution channel for its AI technologies.

  • Google Workspace

Gemini Rolls Out in Gmail Side Panel

Gemini is now available in the Gmail side panel, bringing advanced AI capabilities to help users manage their emails more efficiently. This follows the recent addition of Gemini to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive.

Image source: workspaceupdates.googleblog.com

Key Features:

  • Summarize email threads for quick insights

  • Suggest responses to emails

  • Assist in drafting new emails

  • Answer questions and find specific information from emails and Google Drive files

Implications: The integration of Gemini into Gmail enhances productivity by allowing users to quickly access and respond to important information without leaving their inbox. This seamless connection to other Workspace apps improves workflow and efficiency, particularly for those managing complex email communications on the go.

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AI in Healthcare

The AIHealthTech Insider: Breakthroughs in AI Diagnostics

In a groundbreaking development, researchers have created an AI-powered blood test capable of predicting Parkinson's disease up to 7 years before symptoms appear. This innovation promises to transform early diagnosis and treatment strategies, offering the potential to alter the disease's progression and improve quality of life.

Source: DALL-E 3

Source: DALL-E 3

Additionally, a new AI-based prognostic model uses chest radiographs (CXR) to predict pneumonia outcomes. Incorporating AI-based consolidation scores with traditional severity indices, this model significantly enhances prediction accuracy, paving the way for more precise and timely interventions.

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