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Harvard data scientist upends finance community with returns in this market

The AI revolution has already begun to rewire Wall St, and its impact has been strongly felt in one growing market in particular. Because, thanks to a Harvard data scientist and his crack team, everyday people can now benefit from a previously “off-limits” investment

The company that makes it all possible is called Masterworks, whose unique investment platform enables savvy investors to invest in blue-chip art for a fraction of the cost. Their proprietary database of art market returns provides an unrivaled quantitative edge in analyzing the art market. 

So far, it's been right on the money. Masterworks’ 16 exits have all achieved positive returns, with recent exits delivering +17.8%, +21.5%, and +35.0% annualized net returns.

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AI Top News 

One of the best uses for Meta’s AI text-to video tool? Making adorable animals

Emu Video (not sponsored) generates four-second-long videos with just a single prompt of a caption, photo or an image, paired with a description.

Emu Edit allows users to alter or edit videos with text prompts more easily.

Crafting music from text: Google's new MusicLM

Start making music, without mastering an instrument or having a beautiful voice (don’t worry, we can’t carry a tune either).

New AI models from Google make this easier (and more exciting) than ever.

Here’s how to generate your own music masterpiece, using Google’s MusicLM in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Go to labs.google and scroll down to MusicLM to join the beta.

Step 2: Enter a prompt for the type of music or sound you want to create. Try the example below: “an epic viking score for a battle scene of a movie”.

Step 3: MusicLM will generate two 30-second audio files based on your prompt. Modify your description to change the results or click the three dots to download or share your creation.

You asked for it: This week’s DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) pick

Let’s dissect Adobe Sensei: Supercharging DTC marketing campaigns

Adobe Sensei's sophisticated AI capabilities can powerfully enhance marketing efforts, especially in the Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) space.

It is an AI-powered personalization service that can supercharge your DTC marketing campaigns. It leverages advanced machine learning algorithms and data analytics to deliver highly targeted and personalized experiences to customers.

It can help you create and deliver personalized emails, ads, and other marketing content. It can also help you segment your audience based on various attributes such as purchase history, behavior, and preferences.

Its relevance lies in its ability to simplify, streamline, and supercharge marketing efforts in multiple ways.
  1. Personalization: Adobe Sensei's deep learning can analyze vast amounts of data, understanding consumer behavior and preferences at a granular level. This results in highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns that speak directly to individual consumer needs, fostering stronger connections and greater customer loyalty in the DTC space.

  2. Intuitive Copywriting: Adobe Sensei can offer valuable insights into what type of copy resonates most with your audience, helping to tailor your messaging for maximum impact.

  3. Automation and Efficiency: From simplifying image editing in Photoshop to streamlining video sequencing in Premiere Pro, Adobe Sensei reduces the time spent on manual, repetitive tasks. Marketers gain more time to focus on strategy and creativity.

  4. Analytics and Insights: Adobe Sensei helps marketers make sense of complex data sets, providing actionable insights to refine marketing strategies in the DTC landscape.

Here are 2 examples of how Adobe Sensei can be used to create a personalized email campaign:

  1. Use Adobe Sensei to segment your audience based on purchase history.

  1. Create marketing content that is highly targeted to each segment.

Try it out at chat.openai.com/create.

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