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Want access to the most useful GPT directory, ready to use with crowdsourced prompts?

Then you need AIPRM, a Chrome extension that integrates directly into ChatGPT.

This incredible resource provides libraries of community-made GPTs and prompts to make your generative AI journey much easier.

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AI: Catalyst for Climate Revolution

Highlights of the Green Digital Action at COP28 are:

  • AI could reduce 5-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, according to a report by Google and Boston Consulting Group.

  • AI/ML Challenge seeks innovators to cut 5G network energy usage using AI and machine learning.

  • An Innovation Factory pitching competition showcases AI start-ups addressing climate challenges set by UN agencies, including water management, soil properties, flood and drought forecasting, and carbon removal.

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Make Your Own GPT

Create custom versions of ChatGPT that combine instructions, extra knowledge, and any combination of skills.

Try it out at chat.openai.com/create.
  • Decide its purpose: Consider if you want your GPT to assist with writing stories, answering questions, or other tasks.

  • Collect Information: Gather relevant examples and information for your GPT's purpose.

  • Train Your GPT: Use these examples to teach your GPT how to understand and respond to various things.

  • Test your GPT to see how well it works. Keep teaching it until it improves.

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Are you a business leader who wants to adopt AI in your organization? Do you want to learn the basics of AI, plan your AI strategy, and scale your AI projects responsibly? If yes, then this learning path is for you.

AI for Business Leaders

This learning path consists of four modules that cover the following topics:

  • AI Fundamentals: Learn what AI is, how it works, and how Microsoft is using it in its products and services.

  • AI Strategy: Learn how to plan your AI vision, goals, and roadmap, and how to foster an AI-ready culture in your organization.

  • Responsible AI: Learn how to adopt ethical and trustworthy AI practices, and how to align your AI strategy with Microsoft’s AI principles.

  • AI Adoption: Learn how to implement your AI strategy, assign roles and responsibilities, and empower your business users and experts to use AI themselves.

By completing this learning path, you will gain the knowledge and resources to leverage AI for your business success. You will also earn a badge and a certificate of completion. To start your AI journey, enroll in this learning path today.

Dec 6-7: AI's next frontier

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Growth Hacks of the Week:

The 8 Secrets to Making a Lethal, No-Brainer Offer That Sells Itself

As busy entrepreneurs, we're in the business of not just selling products or services, but offering value that can transform lives (or at least, you should be 😁 )

And how we frame that offer can make all the difference.

Today, let’s dissect a powerful offer checklist on how to make your offers stand out in the crowd.
1. Pre-Framing with Authority and Social Proof

Image generated using DALL-E.3

The gateway to a successful offer begins with pre-framing. This is where you establish your authority and leverage social proof. Before you even present your price, make sure your audience understands the unique value you bring to the table, backed by testimonials and success stories. This sets the stage for credibility and trust.

2. Price Anchoring

Image generated using DALL-E.3

The psychological imprint of your first price point sticks with your customers. Anchor your audience with a price that highlights the value they are getting, possibly by showing a higher initial cost slashed to the current offer. This isn’t about discounts; it’s about perceived value.

3. Splinter Stack

Image generated using DALL-E.3

Here's where you bundle. Combine products, services, and bonuses in such a way that caters to the next logical need of your customer. Your offer should feel like a superior option compared to any current service they’re using.

4. Scarcity and Urgency

Image generated using DALL-E.3

Humans are wired to desire what's scarce and act with urgency. Clearly articulate the limited nature of your offer — be it in time or quantity (think "only X spots left" or "offer ends by Y date"). This compels action and minimizes procrastination.

5. The Crazy Guarantee

Image generated using DALL-E.3

Your confidence in your offer should be bulletproof. Provide a guarantee that eliminates risk and reassures the customer. For example, a ‘double your money back’ promise if certain conditions aren’t met. This demonstrates the belief in your product or service’s efficacy.

6. Continuity and High Value

Image generated using DALL-E.3

The offer shouldn’t end with a one-time transaction. For continuity, provide a high-value product or service as a free bonus to encourage repeat business or to introduce customers to your subscription model.

Now, here's EXACTLY what to do if your high-ticket offer is different than the right fit for a customer (this separates the beginners from the experts who can 10X their business in 1 year)...

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