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Are you tapping into the full potential of Twitter for generating leads? If not, you're overlooking a goldmine of opportunities that could be converting hundreds of leads ready to do business with you…per day. 

Say goodbye to the hassles of coding, cold calling, or navigating complex and expensive email marketing tools that you constantly have to check, warmup, and monitor. 

Drippi is an all in one software that leverages high-quality automated DMs to scrape leads, and send thousands of messages in minutes

We’ve tested it against our own cold email system and not only is it ⅓ cheaper, it’s 3X more effective and less crowded…

(Let’s face it, we can spot annoying cold emails from the ‘hey’ subject line…)

Drippi lets you set everything up in minutes (with no tech skills needed) to let you start enjoying:

High Open Rates

Higher Reply Rates

No Shadow Bans

Less Competition (Twitter is the best kept lead generation secret) 🤫 

Just for you guys, they recorded a FREE training that gurus would easily charge $997 for…

They are going to break down How to close 10+ clients with Twitter per month (step by step)...

We just watched it and already got 2 interested collaboration opportunities without us having to do anything to monitor it (and while on their free trial 😆)


The world’s most wearable AI. 

Preserve conversations and ask your personalized AI anything. Make meetings a joy. Stay on top of it all with meeting prep, automated notes, and summaries you can trust with Limitless.ai. It serves as a digital assistant, capturing conversations and providing intelligent summaries, all while ensuring user privacy with its Confidential Cloud technology.

  • Wearable AI: The Pendant is a lightweight, weatherproof device that can be worn in various ways, thanks to its versatile magnetic clasp.

  • Conversation Capture: It records in-person meetings and personal insights, transcribing and summarizing them for easy reference.

  • Privacy Focused: Data is encrypted and anonymized, with protections against third-party access, ensuring that conversations remain private.

Amazon's Automation Ascent: Robots Rise to 750K

Amazon's fulfillment centers are buzzing with a new kind of worker - robots. The company has surpassed a whopping 750,000 robots assisting with tasks like inventory management and tote box movement. While the human workforce has seen a slight decrease, Amazon assures this is a shift towards collaboration, not replacement. Robots handle repetitive tasks, freeing human employees for more complex roles.

Image created with DALL·E 3

  • Technological Synergy: Amazon’s robotic fleet supports human workers, taking on laborious tasks and fostering a safe, productive environment.

  • Economic Ripples: Automation’s rise at Amazon mirrors broader industry trends, offering both opportunities in new skilled job categories and sparking debates on labor dynamics.

  • Innovative Horizon: With robots becoming integral to operations, Amazon’s story may foreshadow a new norm in industry, pairing human ingenuity with robotic efficiency.


Automate Your Social Media in Minutes with Marky AI

Struggling to keep up with your social media presence? Marky, an AI-powered tool, can be your secret weapon. Marky automates social media marketing, content creation, and scheduling, all in one place. Generate on-brand content in minutes and schedule posts effortlessly, freeing you up to focus on running your business.

Just enter your brand url and it will extract all information such as tone, industry, values, pain points, CTA, content topics, branding etc. You can edit everything.

Once you’re done editing, just click “next”, Marky will create several options for social posts for you, statics, memes, carousels, which you can edit and schedule right away

You can enable/disable or add more content topics that Marky can use to curate posts for your brand


AIAI San Jose

The AIAI event in San Jose is a premier gathering for AI practitioners, offering a platform to learn from industry leaders and discover new innovations in the AI ecosystem. It’s an opportunity to interact and collaborate with a community of over 1.5 million professionals, fostering strategic and technical growth in AI applications.


The secret is out at Nomad Capitalist Live 2024. It’s not about earning more, it’s about what you keep. If the thought of handing over less to the taxman sounds good, you’ll want in on this. We’re sharing the playbook the wealthy use.


Midjourney awaits!

This guide reveals how to craft image prompts & wield style references for artistic dominion.

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AI Soccer Stars: Tiny Robots Dribble and Score

Researchers have developed miniaturized robots that can play soccer! Using machine learning, the robots first learned basic skills like getting up after falling in a simulated environment. Then, trained with massive datasets, they mastered playing soccer virtually before being transferred to real robots. These tiny athletes offer a glimpse into the future of AI applications.

Source: science.org

  • Machine learning trains mini-robots to play soccer.

  • Robots learned basic skills in simulation and then played full games virtually.

  • Real-world robots were able to transfer their virtual skills to the physical world.

Can AI DJs Be Your Next Music Matchmaker?

Spotify, with its massive music library, is upping its game with AI to personalize recommendations. Their new AI DJ aims to introduce listeners to new music while keeping them engaged with familiar favorites.

Source: open.spotify.com

  • The AI DJ uses a combination of recommendation tech, generative AI, and a human-like voice to create personalized playlists and introduce new music.

  • While AI excels at recommending similar music based on listening history, it struggles to predict when users want to explore new genres.

  • Finding the balance between familiarity and discovery remains a challenge, as some users prefer a comfortable listening experience.


The Roosteroot

Image created with Midjourney

Create a visually striking image of a hybrid animal that combines a beetroot with the features of a fierce rooster. The beetroot should form the main body of the creature, with a deep red and smooth texture, resembling the vegetable's typical appearance. The head should be that of a rooster, detailed with sharp, menacing eyes and a large, curved beak, suggesting a predatory nature. The rooster's vibrant plumage, in shades of red and purple to match the beetroot, should flow seamlessly into the body. This fantastical creature should stand in an aggressive pose, embodying the characteristics of a rooster ready to attack, set against a neutral, unobtrusive background to highlight its unique form.

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