AI-Powered Headphones: Crystal Clear Chats Anywhere

PLUS: Get Creative with Free AI Image Generation and Editing

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Top AI News

Apple's AI Innovations in iOS 18: Enhancing Everyday Interactions

Apple is set to unveil significant AI advancements in iOS 18 and MacOS 15 at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference. While the updates aim to keep pace with industry leaders, they promise to enhance user experience in practical and engaging ways.


Key Features:

  • Create personalized emojis based on your messages.

  • More conversational and capable of offline mini AI functions.

  • Smarter tools for photo enhancements.

  • Summarize notifications, messages, and web content efficiently.

LearnLM: Google's AI Revolutionizing Education

Google's new AI model, LearnLM, is transforming education by making learning more engaging, personal, and effective. Grounded in educational research, LearnLM is integrated into Google products like Search, YouTube, and the Gemini chatbot to enhance the learning experience and support educators and students alike.


Key Features:

  • Provides practice with timely feedback and adapts to individual learning needs.

  • Offers step-by-step guidance, quizzes, and games to build knowledge.

  • Allows users to ask questions and get explanations during academic videos.

  • Simplifies lesson planning for teachers through a pilot program in Google Classroom.

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AI Breakthrough

AlphaFold3: Revolutionizing Protein Structure Prediction with AI

Find out how a groundbreaking AI model from Google DeepMind and Isomorphic Labs, is revolutionizing biological research . Click the image below to know more.

AI-Powered Headphones: Clear Conversations in Crowded Places

Scientists at the University of Washington have developed groundbreaking AI-powered headphones that can isolate and amplify a single person's voice in a noisy environment. Unlike traditional noise-canceling headphones, these innovative devices use AI to focus on the voice of the person you are looking at, providing crystal-clear audio even in crowded settings.

Image created with DALL-E 3

Key Features:

  • Cancels all other sounds and amplifies the chosen speaker's voice.

  • Adjusts to the listener's movements, maintaining clarity.

  • A simple button tap activates the system while facing the speaker.

  • Rated nearly twice as clear as unfiltered audio by test subjects.

This technology, presented at the ACM CHI Conference, promises significant advancements in personal auditory devices, including potential applications for earbuds and hearing aids.

AI Insight

Canva Create 2024

  • New Launches: The event featured the introduction of new products, with a keynote from Canva’s founders revealing what’s next for Canva.


  • Redesigned Canva: A significant upgrade to the editing experience was unveiled, transforming Canva into an all-in-one platform for creating, engaging, and collaborating on content.


  • Enhanced Features: The update included a new editor, enterprise offerings, and bolstered AI innovations within Magic Studio.


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Do It Yourself (DIY) with AI

Free AI Image Generation and Editing Tool, Pixlr

We talked about Pixlr in our previous newsletters, covering its extraordinary image generation skills. It is a holistic AI image generation and editing tool similar to Photoshop. Pixlr offers a powerful combination of classic photo editing tools and cutting-edge AI features, all accessible from your web browser.

Pixlr offers a bunch of other AI and image editing tools, let’s review some of them!

Here’s the AI Background Remover, which is quite efficient, and has extra features, such as background color selector and an editor to fine tune it if some parts are still not removed.

The AI Object Remover works like magic, we tried to remove a scratch from those shoes, worked like a charm!

It also has an AI Face Swap feature, which can be used as a marketing/humour tool or changing faces of people to protect their privacy. The feature itself is pretty clean, check it out

It also has a Generative Fill option, we gave him glasses!

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