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Building AI-Driven Multi-Channel Direct Marketing Company With Gino Korolev of Fertu

This episode of the now Top 100 Entrepreneurship podcast in the USA, Unlocking the AI Advantage, zeroes in on the transformative power of AI in marketing and lead management.

Gino Korolev, co-founder of Fertu, unveils the secrets to streamlining lead generation and nurturing in the competitive healthcare sector. With Fertu's innovative platform, businesses can centralize their outreach efforts, leveraging AI to refine marketing strategies, enhance campaign performance, and unlock unprecedented efficiencies.

Listen in as Ramesh and Gino delve into the creation and impact of Fertu, illustrating how AI integration can revolutionize direct marketing and drive profitability for businesses of all sizes.


Spy Chief Gets an AI Boss: Building Safe and Ethical AI for Intelligence Work

The US Intelligence Community (IC) has named John Beieler as Chief AI Officer to integrate artificial intelligence. Beieler, already a top science and technology advisor to Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, will lead a council of AI chiefs across the 18 IC elements. This initiative aims to harmonize AI governance for responsible adoption.

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Key Points:

John Beieler will lead the effort, focusing on responsible AI development and ethical considerations.

An IC-wide AI directive is being written, outlining deployment standards, data documentation, and ethical considerations.

The new AI council is also updating the ODNI's AI strategy to prioritize AI adoption with safeguards.

This move comes amid pressure from lawmakers to keep pace with China's AI advancements.

AI for Good: Microsoft Paves the Way for Responsible Development

Microsoft is taking a proactive approach to ensure AI benefits society. Their principles focus on fairness, transparency, and accountability. They've developed standards for responsible AI development, including building auditable systems and ensuring unbiased datasets.

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Multistakeholder Approach: Microsoft collaborates with researchers, academia, and governments to establish responsible AI practices.

Operationalizing Principles: Standards guide AI development, considering factors like project goals and dataset review.

Global Conversation: Microsoft emphasizes the need for international collaboration to define ethical AI use.

Partnerships: Collaborations with chip suppliers, data centers, and communities foster responsible AI adoption.

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Background Removal on a Budget: 3 Free Ways Clipdrop by Jasper Can Help

  1. Generative Fill: Just select the area to edit and enter your prompt, we did “cowboy hat”

  1. Cleanup: Remove object, defect, people, or text from your pictures in seconds. See how we removed “Shoop” effortlessly

  1. Reimagine: Enter any image and it will generate variations of it, good for product images, story characters, interior design and more

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Amazon's "Just Walk Out" Wasn't So Automatic: Powered by People, Not AI

Amazon's cashierless store tech, "Just Walk Out," relied on over 1,000 human reviewers in India, not fancy AI.

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This raises questions about:

Deceptive Marketing: Customers thought AI managed checkout, but it was actually human workers in other countries. Worries about Exploitation: Using cheap labor in developing nations raises ethical concerns. Real Goal of Innovation: Do these technologies really solve problems or just replace human jobs to cut expenses?

YouTube vs. OpenAI: Clash of the Data Scrapers?

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan throws shade at OpenAI, accusing them of using YouTube videos to train their AI video generator Sora, in violation of YouTube's terms of service.

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This raises concerns about:

YouTube claims downloading content for AI training breaches their terms of service, while Google trains its AI tools with publisher data. OpenAI's AI-generated videos are impressive but lack human touch and creativity. The future of creative professions is questioned with the ability to create content with minimal human input.


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Asian Innovators Revolutionize Global Medical AI and Healthcare Landscapes

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Asian firms, notably South Korea's Lunit and Coreline Soft, are making strides in the European medical AI market, valued at $155 billion, by introducing innovative AI solutions for lung disease and mammography analysis in European hospitals. Meanwhile, India's Zeno Health enhances its footprint by acquiring Tablt Pharmacy, expanding healthcare access in Eastern India's rural areas. This move, alongside Kakao Healthcare's initiatives in lifestyle disease management, signifies a burgeoning synergy between technology and healthcare. Together, these developments mark a new epoch of global health innovation, showcasing the transformative power of Asian technological prowess in improving health and wellness worldwide.

Introducing S.A.R.A.H.: Your AI Health Companion

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The WHO has launched S.A.R.A.H., an AI health assistant offering 24/7 health guidance in eight languages, developed with Soul Machines. This next-gen AI, designed to provide empathetic and personalized health information, marks a significant step in digital health innovation. S.A.R.A.H. is built to learn and adapt through interactions, promising to enhance global health education and accessibility. As WHO embraces the digital future of health, S.A.R.A.H. stands out as a pioneering tool for interactive and empathetic health assistance, highlighting the potential of AI in improving health equity worldwide.

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